The Law of Attraction – Work it Babe!

The Law of Attraction is one of the World’s simplest and most effective laws and yet one that is oblivious to many. It may be working for or against you without you knowing it and in the dating world, many use this law consciously and some unconsciously. Either way, the effects of this particular law leads to a result (one which we may or may not like)

Let me give you a very practical and well known example of  how this law played out in a famous man’s life . Job! – A wealthy and healthy man who suddenly became a poor, sore ridden beggar all down to a thought. Job was a very successful man but there was one thing that he secretly feared, and although it was not voiced until later on,  hidden deep down in his soul, he was afraid he would loose everything! wealth, wives, friends, everything!!. True to form, that which he mostly feared did eventually played out in his life! This ‘thing’ that pulls things towards us based on our thoughts and words is called the Law of Attraction!   And it is simply that what one secretly wishes for, deep down in one’s soul, is what one eventually attracts!!

Thus it goes without saying that on the dating journey  if you are secretly  afraid of being cheated on, lied to, always getting the wrong end of the deal, not getting what you really hope for, then  that is exactly what will eventually be attracted to you! And for those checking out  online dating for example,  if you secretly think that you will never find the right guy online, that all guys online are there for only one thing, then those are the guys that will respond to your adverts (purely based on this law being in motion). Same goes with traditional dating. However on the flip and positive side, if you always think in your self that you will get a sensible guy, suitable to your liking and one who is in line with what you want (after going through WiseGirl’s suggested way of defining the guy you really want) then you will get that type of guy. Notice that I didn’t say ‘perfect’! No one is! What I am saying is that   by focusing on the positive attributes and possible potentials of what you want in a guy, you will attract that kind of guy into your life!

By sequential reasoning, this also means that the best ‘rat repellent’ as far as dating lingo goes, is to love yourself to attract love into your life!  For if the Laws of Attraction work both ways, then

‘that which you truly hope (love) for will surely come upon you’

That my dear WiseGirl is one of the most potent secrets to a healthy dating lifestyle!

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