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Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right”.

We all know the famous quote from Henry Ford.

How ahead of his time he was as mindset and its impact on our behaviours is quite the thing these days. We are here to help you develop your leadership mindset. Why? Because we are all leaders in our own lives. We all have to make leading decisions despite uncertain conditions and changing landscapes; so despite your job title, your confidence and courage to lead is a vital skill. We have developed The Leadership High™ to support women to train their confidence muscle just like they train their physical muscles. We believe confidence can become performance fuel if you make it your habit and your mindset.

Why do we go high into the Pyrenees? Because we want to aim high in life; as a metaphor for the physical high we feel from a challenging experience and because we want to give you perspective and a view of your current position, thinking and behaviours.

We use the cyclical theory of experiential learning – do, feel, think, learn – to provide you with an experience that you can learn from and adapt to. Our experience is both a physical and a psychological one; taking you high in the Pyrenees to receive coaching on and off the ski slopes to challenge you to flex your confidence muscle and take the leading decision to ‘point your ski’s down the hill and go’ despite the weather, your fears and your perception of your ability. We hope these metaphors are landing with you.

‘We’ are Sarah MacDonald and Lara Milward; friends from the age of 16 whose careers & life paths crossed at a key stage when their passion for female empowerment and physical challenge aligned. We are joined by Paula Reid; the Adventure Psychologist™.

Adventure Psychology is delighted to be working with The Leadership High again this winter because of the powerful impact it has on attendees – including myself!’

The Leadership High is open to all women of all career levels, ski abilities and lifestages. We see ourselves as a movement to coach confidence and courage in the workplace and to build a mindset that allows you to tackle whatever lies in your path. If you would like to join us or send some team members to one of our TLH Pyrenees Experiences in March 2020, please contact us at [email protected] to book your place and find out more at

Sarah MacDonaldAbout Sarah MacDonald

Sarah is a business leader and spent 25 years leading change for some of the world’s number one brands. With a degree in sport management, marketing and psychology, she was instrumental in the growth and development of the Nike women’s retail business in the UK and Europe and went on to work as a senior leader for GlaxoSmithKline and the world’s leading Investment bank, Goldman Sachs.  Sarah now works with brands, people and teams to ensure they have the right capabilities and motivation to play their biggest game yet. Sarah is an expert in building experiences and believes they help us create emotional episodes which shape our attitudes, behaviours and performance.

Sarah is an mum of four, entrepreneur, loves to swim and run and is Director of MacExperience Group Limited and  is Co-Founder of The Leadership High™

Lara MilwardAbout Lara Milward

Lara is an award winning fitness and wellbeing coach, athlete, mentor, author, and mother. She is Co-Founder of BlitzFitness and The Leadership High™. A political science graduate who started her career at the House of Commons on a backbench committee for women’s healthcare she has been a #womanswarrior ever since. Lara moved from Octagon to join start-up Redmandarin after cutting her teeth in consultancy at The Henley Centre.

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