The Magic of Engaging with your Audience

Last week I was privileged to discuss the magic of engaging with your audience on the Superstar Communicator podcast with Peter Wardell. Peter is a magician and an inspirational and charismatic speaker. In the latest podcast Peter shares his top tips for  engaging with your audience when you speak. This is not only a magical podcast, but an astonishing one too, so don’t miss!

peter wardell

Peter was originally a street performer, as a magician. He learnt very quickly that as a street performer, he didn’t have an audience: he had to engage people passing by, to stop and watch his his act, stay, and then give him a tip. By watching more experienced street performers working, he discovered that their success was down to how they involved the audience as well as engaging them with the quality of their entertainment. Listen to the podcast here.

I originally met Peter at a conference where he was the final speaker; and how he engaged the audience. The energy levels of the audience changed straight away when he came on, and instead of letting the audience remain seated, he asked everyone to stand and gather round him, as if he was a street performer. For many delegates, this was the highlight of the event.Listen to the podcast here.

In the podcast, Peter describes his experiences as a performer, and he shares three top tips to engaging with audiences:

  1. Give something else that is different. If everyone is delivering very static, standard speeches, you could walk to the front of the stage and deliver your speech in a different way (for example.)
  2. Change the state of the audience straight away: if they are energised and cheering, why not be calm, still and relaxed = but still charismatic. The change of state will be noticeable for the audience.
  3. Change the energy of the room; if the previous speaker has been quiet, be loud and energetic; if the last one was all fist pumps and cheering, be quiet. You can play with your audience and influence them in this way.

If you wish to contact Peter, his website is

Listen to the podcast here.

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Susan Heaton Wright is a former opera singer who works with successful individuals and teams to make an impact with their voices and physical presence. Using her experience in using the voice and performing on stage, she works with people to improve their performances in a range of business situations; from meeting skills and on the telephone, to public speaking, presentations and appearing on the media.

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