Many incredible women are renowned for their achievements, and their memory has been cemented in history. From Cleopatra to Evita and Marie Curie to Eleanor Roosevelt, the world recognised these incredible women, their knowledge and their accomplishments.

While numerous phenomenal female pioneers are household names, there is a range of inspiring women who accomplished incredible achievements and are today often overlooked. This infographic showcases the determination of incredible women who changed the world and are today mostly forgotten.

Among the numerous inspirational ladies illustrated in this infographic are Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the United States. While taking her studies Dr. Blackwell was requested to leave lectures on human reproduction in order to protect her “fragile sensibilities”.

Lillian Bland designed, assembled and flew a plane in 1910-11, being one of the first ladies on the planet to do so. While Sojourner Truth escaped a life of slavery and became a prominent abolitionist. Her stirring address at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in 1851 entitled “Ain’t I a Woman?” strengthened support for the abolition of slavery and also women’s rights.

‘The Tale of Genji’ is generally thought to be the first novel in mankind’s history, and was composed by a remarkable woman Murasaki Shikibu. While Shikibu is the best known author from Japan’s Heian period her father applauded her knowledge and wished she hadn’t been ‘born a woman’.

Overcoming incredible hardships while simultaneously fighting gender (and often racial) prejudice these incredible women achieved great success and changed the world. This infographic from the Brighton School of Business & Management highlights ‘The Most Amazing Female Leaders that History Books Forgot’.

Most amazing female leaders that history books forgot Infographic

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