The Network of Aspiring Women (NOAW)

NOAW LogoIf you are a woman serious about business growth, this is the network for you. It’s a network of businesswomen who do business together, share knowledge and help each other grow.

It’s for women who are happy now but want more in the future. Join them here.

Our connections happen as a matter of course. Nothing forced, nothing pushed, just organically doing business together as you get to know each other.

We hope to meet you at some point soon.

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Our founder Jo Cameron adds “It’s an interesting time for women everywhere. We will continue to grow through working together and supporting each other. Meeting once per month in various locations around the UK, The Network of Aspiring Women is all about creating new futures, new paths and a new mindset that tells us we can when we think we can’t”.

“Change the way the world thinks by changing the way you think about yourself”
Jo Cameron

The Founder of the Network of Aspiring Women is former Apprentice contestant Jo Cameron. She started her own business several years ago as a freelance trainer running courses on how to bridge the gender gap in workplaces. Since then she has grown the company and network to incorporate monthly networking meetings in several UK cities and an annual awards event of the same name.

For many years Jo has studied women at work, up to Masters Degree level, and she uses this knowledge to underpin the success of the company.

Before setting up the company, Jo held several senior management positions in the Motor Industry. She is a seasoned campaigner of equality at work and is a regular contributor to the media. Jo is also a professional speaker held with the highest regard.

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