The Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself If you are considering having Cosmetic Surgery – By Antonia Mariconda

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antoniaAntonia Mariconda also known as The Cosmedic Coach is a Health and Beauty Expert and Author, Antonia has written four books including The Cosmetic Surgery Companion ‘Look and Feel Beautiful (Apple Press) Antonia frequently appears in the national media and press regarding her expertise on all subject regarding image enhancement and modification.

Making the Decision

The decision to have Cosmetic surgery should not be undertaken lightly. Cosmetic surgery can change your appearance in ways that you might consider desirable but it can be expensive in time and money and although quite rare it has been known to result in some changes to your appearance which you may not always find pleasing in the future. It is important that you do not feel pressurised or obliged to have it, nor is it wise to rush into making a choice without extensive research, it should be a decision you make only after a lot of careful thought and self evaluation.

Whatever your motivations are, making the decision to have cosmetic surgery is one that only you can do for yourself.

If you have decided that cosmetic surgery is something that you do want to do it is probably because you have identified something about yourself that you consider to be a flaw, however evaluating what you consider to be a flaw should be considered carefully. A flaw should be something that really bothers you, if it is something you can live with and move forward with then evaluate whether cosmetic surgery really is the solution, however if you consider yourself to have a flaw that bothers you on a frequent daily basis, to the point that it is constantly at the forefront of your thoughts, then maybe you are ready for an improvement. In the process of considering you motivations and objectives for having cosmetic surgery it is important that you know exactly what is of concern to you about the way you look and that you are able to describe your motivations clearly for wanting cosmetic surgery,

Consider these  10 questions when making your evaluation and decision:

1) What bothers me about my face and body?

There is no one better than yourself to make a detailed analysis of your face and body, making a list of the things you do not like about yourself is the best way to see clearly what you find of concern about the way you look, you might find this a worthwhile exercise to carry out by yourself first, as somewhere along the line of the cosmetic surgery path you will have to explain your concerns to the cosmetic surgeon/s you meet and consult with, and your final decision will hinge about these concerns and the surgeons recommendations and advice. It may be a very short list, or a long one, but asking yourself what really bothers you will help you to establish your priorities.

2) How much do I really want to change what bothers me?

This is a question only you can answer depending on the impact your image concerns have on your life, for example if your concerns cause your deep physcological problems or severe embarrassment to the point that they limit your social enjoyment and daily life, then your motivations for wanting to change your concerns are quite strong. If however you are someone that knows your image concerns bother you but generally do not allow them to impact your daily life and social enjoyment then ask yourself if Cosmetic Surgery is really something you want to do?, are there alternative solutions to help you address your concerns? Your motivations for wanting to change the issues that truly bother you about the way you look should be weighed up against, the cost of cosmetic surgery, the possible risks and complications, and the recovery and healing.

3) Have I considered all the options?

Cosmetic surgery is not the only option available to you, this is something that cosmetic surgeons that you consult with will point out to you, you may also find that cosmetic surgeons you talk to will suggest alternative and different ways to address your concerns. Knowing and understanding all of your options gives you a better chance of making a decision you are happy with. Don’t be afraid to have second consultations with surgeons, to clarify the advice you have been given, and use your time effectively to find out about alternative solutions and treatments suggested to you before making that final decision.

4) What will my friends, and my family think of me for choosing cosmetic surgery?

It is not uncommon for friends and family members to be worried and concerned once you have informed them of your decision to have Cosmetic Surgery, after all with your best interests at heart they are more likely to focus on the risks, complications and your general safety more than any other factor such as the motivations behind your decision or the surgical result. It may not be easy to accept the opinions and concerns your family and friends convey to you once the choice you make is out “in the open”. The opinions of people close to you can weigh heavily upon you, especially at a time when you are trying to remain focused on the surgical outcome and positive in respect of the decision you have made, try to understand their concerns and worries after all it is because they care for you, talk about the information you have gathered and researched that helped you arrive at your decision and welcome their questions, talking openly and honestly may serve as a useful exercise to both parties in feeling reassured about the decision made.

5) Can I keep my Cosmetic Surgery a secret?

As tempting as it is to want to keep your cosmetic surgery a secret, it might not be as easy as you think. You may want to consider being open about the procedures you are going to have, this may avoid the stress of having to hide away until all visible bruises and signs have vanished. It may also be a more plausible explanation for the suddenly flat and tight tummy the new streamlined body contour, or the new nose. Bear in mind also that the more cosmetic work you have done the harder it may be to keep a secret. If you do choose for whatever motives to keep your surgery quiet, then carefully plan your recovery to it is easier to keep for yourself, consider a vacation after surgery the relaxation of a holiday break and tan will help you recover and give you a refreshed glow when you return to face friends and family. Ensure that if you are recovering from surgery at home by yourself that you have plenty of help and assistance as for some cosmetic surgery procedure strict recovery instruction must be followed for maximum recovery results and personal safety.

6) Am I prepared for the financial cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

If you have been considering cosmetic surgery for some time, you will have factored the cost into your decision. If you have saved the money for your procedure and you are willing to spend it to make yourself look and feel better then that is good, However if you do not have the funds readily available for your chosen procedure/s then you may want to consider several options as to how to fund your surgery so you can move forward with your plans. Many cosmetic surgery clinics and surgeons now offer flexible finance options and plans whereby you can pay for your surgery on a monthly credit basis, alternatively banks and building societies now offer loans for people considering cosmetic surgery.  It is advisable not to put yourself under financial stress if you do not have the means to pay for your surgery as this could affect your credit rating and harm your financial status in the future. Having to worry in addition to your recovery and healing about the financial stress you have put yourself under to cover the cost of your surgery is not the best situation to be in. The best solution may be to plan, and save and wait until you are in a position where you can comfortably afford the surgical procedures without placing yourself under any unnecessary stress or liability.

7) How will I deal with any complications?

All surgery no matter what kind carries risks and complications.  If you unfortunately happen to be one of the patients who experience a rare serious complication as a result of your cosmetic surgery, you must be prepared to deal with it from the outset of your decision making. It is essential that you accept that complications can happen. However if you feel that you are not physically or emotionally equipped to deal with a possible complication, which could be anything such as delayed healing time, or additional surgery, or side effects;  then simply don’t do it. It is impossible to predict if complications will occur from any type of surgery as each individual patient responds to recovery and healing in a very unique and different way. The most important step in considering cosmetic surgery is to take the time and effort to find reputable qualified surgeon that has a good team of staff whom you feel you can trust to take good care of you, ensure that you have their support through every step of your cosmetic surgery experience so you know that you are in good hands if complications do occur.

 8) How can I take time out to recover?

The fast pace of modern life makes it impossible to believe we can take time out to recover from cosmetic surgery, responsibilities such as family, relationships, work and social commitments means that in reality very few people have time for recovery. With careful planning you can create the recovery time you need. Your surgeon will give you an idea of recovery and healing time when you have your initial consultation. With forward planning you can book time off work if you need to, or if you have a family you can schedule surgery around a time when you can draft in help from family or friends. Follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions carefully and recovery and healing will be smoother, however factor in that risks and complications could occur and that extra recovery time may be needed, ask yourself if your employer or family would be able to accept that in the unlikely event that it happened, and if so what the impact would be.

9) How will I find the right Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you have decided after careful consideration and personal evaluation that Cosmetic surgery is something you want to do, then perhaps the most fundamentally important aspect of your experience if finding a reputable, qualified and skilled surgeon. It is advised that you see more than one surgeon and have more than one consultation with each surgeon you talk to, also speak to friends, an family and to people that have had cosmetic surgery and can relay their experiences to you. The internet is also a valuable resource to those researching cosmetic surgery. Arming yourself with information and knowledge is the key to locating the right surgeon for you.

10) Have I answered all the other 9 Questions honestly?

Being honest with yourself, and making a realistic evaluation about the way you feel and look is the most important part of making such an important and life changing decision, and a decision over which you have control. There are millions of people who have experienced the life changing and positive  influence that cosmetic surgery can bring to their lives, the chances for such successful outcomes really does begin with the right emotional and physiological foundation being firmly in place from the outset. If you are a physically and physcologically healthy adult, with the financial means to afford cosmetic surgery then cosmetic surgery may be an option for you.

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