The Trap….

Now you wonna watch out for this one – This is what I call The Trap!! Check this out and let me know if I am right or wrong..

After the first meet up which usually comes after your  email exchanges, if all goes well, there will be a first date! Now that is a good sign. For sure it is, because it says first meet up went well, so here comes D1 (official first date in your books). On your D1 (and most likely he will assume that the first meet up was a date but it truly wasn’t) he starts telling you stuff which most likely,  would get you swooned. Now if you remember, the trick is not be as solid as stone or to go all Nancy Drew, remember a display of some sort of vulnerability goes a long way but that doesn’t also mean being gullible! We’re wiser than that!  Therefore, some of it may be true,but it also pays to be careful for after all,  guys are guys!!  Let’s assume that he makes a moment and in that moment, jumps in to  steal a kiss! As emotional (well 99.9% of the time) as we are, our hearts flutter, and the ‘whooaaa we’re getting somewhere ‘ feeling jumps in…. but

WAIT!! That’s the TRAP!!

Because he’s a guy  and he is probably no where near that perimeter just yet! He’s just acting on an opportunity!!

Another scenario, let’s say he drove you both to the venue of your date too, my thoughts are that you find your own way to get back home!! Never make the mistake of asking for a ride at the end of the date. This also means that as well as you think the date may be going, never extend it to more than 3hrs! You always need to keep him wanting more….

Let me help you get out of the ‘swooned’ feeling without getting out too much, after all, your end goal is to turn this dating thing into a stable relationship right? Keep the texting and calling under control after that evening.He may have said a few great things on the first meet up and your first official date  but remember that although things are moving along gradually towards ‘somewhere’ you still have more ‘investigative’ work to do with this guy, therefore don’t fall into the Trap of thinking that this is it!! Hope yes, but don’t jump to the end just yet!

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