The Voice launches podcasts during Black History Month

The Voice Dotun Adebayo Podcast

Following the launch of The Voice Newspaper’s new monthly edition, the publication has announced plans to launch their own podcast series, starting with a podcast hosted by acclaimed journalist, Dotun Adebayo.

The podcast, entitled Once Upon A Time When We Were Coloured, will launch Wednesday 2nd October on Soundcloud and The Voice Online. It will cover a range of subjects whilst exploring life for black Britons in the UK from the past, present and hopes for the future.

Adebayo has spoken ahead of the launch, saying: “We can speak for England. We know that. We’ve always known that, yet once upon a time when we were ‘coloured’ England didn’t want people of colour to speak for it.

“With the new monthly edition of The Voice and the new website, you can now see and hear some of our greatest critical thinkers discussing the hottest topics of today on my brand new weekly podcast Once Upon A Time When We Were Coloured. Expect the unexpected.”

The newspaper, which is the only British national Afro-Caribbean weekly newspaper operating in the United Kingdom, have also announced plans to launch another podcast titled ‘Black History NOW’, which will highlight key figures in black culture who are making history now.

Paula Dyke, Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs said: “We are delighted to launch our new podcast series to share perspectives on a range of topics that are important to our readers.

“As Britain’s only black national newspaper, we will use our platforms to campaign on issues that make a difference – and our podcast series is an important channel to ensure we can do this effectively”.

The Once Upon A Time When We Were Coloured podcast launches Wenesday 2nd October.

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