The way you dress can affect your career

Article by Melanie Potro

Workwear, Work wardrobeImagine getting ready for a presentation in front of your new client. You know the subject well and your expertise beyond doubt.

When you enter the room, you have one first moment in which you will receive the complete and undivided attention of everyone around you. This moment lasts no longer than the blink of an eyelash – it’s when people form an opinion of you.

It’s the magic first impression. Before you can even open your mouth, your clothes will give visible clues to your personality and expertise.

You probably remember how you felt the last time you saw someone dressed badly, and you automatically discounted their worth. By dressing well and in harmony with your personality, you can convey your expertise and skills to your audience. You can decide how you want to be seen and can elevate your career prospects.

Instead of simply wearing a ‘uniform’, take control to send the right signals. You can choose and control what impression you want to leave behind.

So how do you start?

Think about your personal brand values – your best qualities. Be true to yourself, your talents, attitude and skills to communicate what your personal brand is all about. Do you want to come across as sophisticated, approachable or no-nonsense?

Once you have reflected on your qualities, assess your current wardrobe and decide if your outfits reflect these values. Think about the dress code of your industry. Even jeans and a t-shirt will serve the purpose, if that’s accepted clothing in your line of work. Create your look and own it.

Being well groomed is just as important as the clothes you wear. Choose a hairstyle that suits your look. Take care of your skin and nails to create a polished, professional image.

Making the right outfit choices will add some zing to your career.

About the author

Melanie Potro Melanie’s practical knowledge and expertise as a personal brand stylist is borne from working very closely with women of all shapes and sizes for the past 25 years. Trained in her native Germany, Melanie spent many years creating costumes for international Ballet productions such as ‘the Bolshoi’ and the ‘Met’, before moving to London, where she ran her own Bridal Couture Company for 15 years. Finding your visual identity can transform the way we interact and present ourselves.

‘I love seeing the transformation of women once they have found their true style… and become the best version of themselves.’


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