Theresa May’s approval rating is the “worst in history”

Theresa May
Theresa May has the lowest satisfaction rating in history for a Prime Minister in the month after an election, according to poll.

The Evening Standard new poll also put Jeremy Corbyn in front, overtaking May for the first time.

The data was collated by Ipsos MORI, who interviewed 1,071 adults across Great Britain in July. They have been conducting the survey since 1977.

Only 34 per cent of adults surveyed said they were satisfied with the Prime Minister, while 59 per cent said they were dissatisfied, putting her approval rating at -25.

1,071 adults across the UK were surveyed, with 44 per cent saying they were satisfied with the Labour leader, one per cent fewer than those who are dissatisfied.

The poll shows that over 25 per cent of Conservative voters are dissatisfied with Theresa May, and just 19 per cent of Labour supporters are dissatisfied with Mr Corbyn.

When May took over as Prime Minister last year, her satisfaction rating with Ipsos Mori was at +35, showing a massive drop of 60 points since the Brexit vote.

Only Tony Blair has come close to May’s approval rating, with the former Prime Minister receiving a -13 in 2005 during the Iraq War controversy.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos Mori, spoke to the Standard: “The turnaround in Ms May’s ratings is unprecedented in our previous data on prime ministers – from a historic high at the start of the campaign to a historic low just one month after an election, while also seeing her position among her own party supporters weakening and Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign surge continuing.

However, May was still voted as the most capable Prime Minister by 46 per cent in comparison with Corbyn’s 38 per cent.

There are clear differences between age groups when it comes to satisfaction with both leaders.

Three out of five 18-34 year olds prefer Jeremy Corbyn, whilst 56 per cent of those aged 55+ see Theresa May as most capable comparable to just a quarter choosing Jeremy Corbyn.

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