This is why I believe it will work for Tiger this time

Girl and Guy at cocktal (source photopin tinynabanquetcommitteeReflecting slightly this week, and taking a break from my private match makers, who by the way are yet to refund my signing up fee back to my account!!! I promised myself not to name names, but they’re really pushing me…

Amidst all the chaos with these  folks, I must say that I am superbly happy for Tiger Woods, and this time I think it will work.. Why? Well let’s get the facts straight:

For one, he’s into sports, she, Lindsay Vonn is also into sports (Skiing for that matter). Next, she’s a blondie, and we all know how he’s into that type but most importantly they had friendship  before this whole thing kicked off! – she apparently has been teaching his children how to ski,- but this is what I like really most of all, she’s got her own $$$ (or appears to have), doesn’t have the urge to be turned into ‘somebody’ and looks to me,  like the type of chic who will demand for a pre nup to be put in place should Tiger ever get the urge to go down on one knee.

Now, let’s do a u-turn and compare this to the previous serious and announced relationship that Tiger has ever had (I don’t mean the doggy lay away incidences -oops!) . Ms Elin Nordegren , hmm (taking a deep breath here!!) Yes she was on her way up, working her way through college and all (which I sincerely do respect!) , although fair to say she made some really doggy career choices along the way.. ehh hmm, by taking up modelling.. and this is the kind of modelling that Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel would probably disapprove! Moving on, and as it has been well documented, she apparently  had NO interest in Tiger whatsoever and actually managed to deflect his invitation for a FULL year before the sudden outing and subsequent marriage!! What exactly made her change her mind?  I really cannot tell you, but  she’s now living super large on a $110million settlement … oops!

Looking at the two serious love scenarios  in Tiger’s life, I do think that there is something here (with Lindsay) and maybe this is really THE One that he’s been looking for?!  The mere fact that Lindsay is a woman of her own, she’s into the sports world, demands her own way and presence and have got a few titles sitting on her shelf, means Tiger as I suspect, feels like he’s dating an “=” (in a sense).  There will be, hopefully, less chance for him to fool around with this one than there ever was with Ms Elin I think. He’s also probably sown his crazy seeds out by now, have learnt his lessons from the last unfortunate public embarrassment and I’m sure have had some serious chit chat with his inner self especially now that old Pops is no more with the ever pressing childhood responsibilities that continued to burden Tiger’s young soul! So in my books, I think he feels more like a free man these days than he was when he was with Elin. I mean look at him now eh? He’s super on top of his game (which is how I’d like for him to be) and he looks super more mature now too! We actually LOVE that about him now

But despite the praise and respect that I have for these two, neither of the two are saints! But heck who doesn’t have a sore past or ‘strategy’ to get to their ultimate dream?!  In this crazy star lifestyle, we never know what the real agenda is until the funk comes out! One thing is for sure though as I see it, Tiger has a higher chance of  making this serious relationship work out favourably than the one he had before!!

So for now, here’s to your success, Tiger and Lindsay.. (and guys, don’t let me down!)

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