Three actionable ways women can escape their professional rut

If you’re frustrated with your current career path or feel that there’s nowhere to go but sideways, you’re certainly not alone.
Three actionable ways women can escape their professional rut
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However, the constant calls to smash the glass ceiling can be absolutely exhausting for women in the workforce who are struggling just to stay afloat in their current gigs.

While we naturally feel like there’s something better around the corner, the fact remains that very few of us can afford to give up financial security and stability.

The solution isn’t to accept your workplace situation or immediately jump ship, but rather take the necessarily steps to eventually escape it. This requires a combination of taking action and shifting your mentality to look toward the future versus becoming caught up in your current rut. Regardless of where you work, consider the following strategies to be fair game for blazing a better career path for the future.

Start up a side gig

Perhaps the best way to advance your career in a stagnant workplace is by working on your own terms. That being said, the challenges of starting your own business on the side are two-fold.

On one hand, it’s hard to lift a finger after a tedious workday, let alone do more work on top of your current load. Secondly, most businesses require a commitment of time and capital which could potentially take years to get off the ground.

Therefore, seek out smaller opportunities to expand your wealth. For example, you could get started with trading or network marketing on the side. Programs such as the Tim Sykes Challenge cost little more than an investment of your time to get started and won’t eat up all of energy and disposable income.

Similarly, spending an hour a day learning the ropes of marketing may result in big returns down the road.

Talk it out beyond the workplace

Making your grievances known about your workplace represents a sort of delicate balancing act. Complaining too much could label you a whiner or get you in trouble with management; however, keeping your feelings cooped up won’t help you at all.

Consider having some face-to-face conversations beyond the workplace with friends and family who may be able to help you. Perhaps someone you know has an open position at their job or know of networking opportunities for you.

Note that these conversations should take place face-to-face to avoid getting in trouble via social media when it comes to work. No matter how disgruntled you are now, never take your workplace drama to Facebook.

Look toward the future

Finally, understand that your problems today will not be problems forever. By shifting your mindset to focus on the long-game, you won’t be eaten alive by your current workplace woes. Accept that it may take a few months to sew the seeds of escaping your day-job; however, your patience and persistence will be worth it in the long-run.

Rather than make rash decisions, focus on taking action and having conversations which can help you find something that suits your desired career path. There’s no reason you should have to settle: instead, look toward the future and start thinking about where you want to be versus where you are now.

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