Three simple exercises to help support you through change

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Running, leading and managing a business doesn’t come with a magical handbook.

It comes with life experience, shaped and designed by the uniqueness of the personality of who we are.

There are 101 challenges and great opportunities, pain in all shades of colours that leads to growth where strength and confidence will be developed. Not to forget the fun and joy, the endlessness of celebrations of our amazing achievements. On top of it all the biggest gift we have that can be given … to Mother Earth, where we live, to make it a better place, contributing globally with our uniqueness of being who we are, the passion we have and the service we hold for providing to others.

Now you might be thinking ‘really, all these … that sounds great’. Yes, exactly. This is true leadership in and for business. Leading us first and then the others. Of course is not for everyone, only for those who are great believer in themselves, are action takers and are not afraid of failing, falling and making mistakes. For those who are not shy to ask for help and definitely want to give and invest 110 per cent into their business and their customers … and have passion and love for what they do.

For achieving all these great things it does take time. It is a time thing, a process that will take a while of becoming a business owner, the leader in your business, with its own authenticity. It will not happen today or tomorrow, in few days or few weeks or even few months! To become a great business owner, remember, it does take TIME. The time is here to form and shape the person that is ready to become a great leader. So, enjoy the ride and don’t rush! Everything is exactly how it should be, for your benefit to grow into this amazing leader in your own business.

Three gifts from me to you –

First – stay true to yourself and don’t copy others. You ARE amazing, unique and very special indeed. There is no one who is like you.

Second – stay focused in what you do best. It is a roller coaster, it will go up and down. That is ok. There will be good and bad days. Again, just stay focused. Put your little notes everywhere in your house, car, handbag so you are reminded to stay FOCUSED.

Third – never ever give up. Allow yourself to have breaks where you recharge your batterie, a bit ME time, special time, little treats and celebrate your achievements. When you are ready take the action that is needed and GO, climb your mountain to reach to the top. You know that the view will be amazing. Trust me, it is more than amazing – IT IS MAGNIFICENT and ready for the next challenge … and YOU will change it into YOUR opportunity.

About Jasminka Hansson

Jasminka Hansson is the author of The Unseen Journey Within You (£12.99 Panoma Press). She is a specialist in revealing a person’s inner abilities and authentic ways and has helped women all over the world to regain their power and momentum in life. She does this by increasing their awareness about themselves and their lives to enable a more balanced and harmonious life. Jasminka is a seasoned artist who expresses her inner world through colours on canvas. She is a devoted mother and wife, and runs a successful health centre with her husband.

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