Three simple swaps to burn fat, beat stress and boost your energy levels

sunset-691848_640It doesn’t have to take a whole heap of time, money and effort to make some positive permanent change. With just a few simple swaps you’ll discover a less stressed, more energetic and slimmer you.

Swap the stick for the carrot

Did you know that we can be motivated to take action in different ways? There’s either the stick or the carrot approach.

Stick motivation is all about pushing you away from pain – you’re motivated to change because you can no longer bear staying as you are. A typical Stick thought might be “I can’t stand how tight my work clothes have become. They make me feel frumpy, slow and uncomfortable.”

Stick motivation is actually really good for getting you started but it’s not great for maintaining your new behaviours. That’s because as soon as you shed a few pounds and start feeling better about yourself, the pain that made you take action in the first place fades as does the motivation to keep you on track.

A much more effective way to motivate yourself is the carrot approach, where you’re pulled towards something pleasurable and joyful. A typical Carrot thought might be, “I’m so looking forward to feeling comfortable, smart and confident in my work clothes. I’ll be focused on my work not my waistline and I’m going to get that promotion.”

Swap your morning latte

coffee1Caffeine is a stress on the system and will cause your adrenal glands to release adrenalin into the system. This causes your body to release sugars into the blood stream releasing a rush of energy. 10,000 years ago you would have used this energy to either catch your own dinner or run from being something else’s dinner!

Todays stresses on the system such as caffeine, traffic jams or a relentless stream of emails mean the sugars released aren’t used as you’ve got nowhere to run to! And so the body releases insulin to take the sugar out of the blood stream.

Insulin takes the sugars to your fat cells, where they are mixed with fatty acids and fixed as fats. Plus at the same time your body releases cortisol to reduce the adrenalin in your system.

Cortisol and insulin then work together to lay down fat particularly around your middle.

Instead start the day with warm water with lemon and grated ginger. This will help kick start your digestion, metabolism and is also great for your liver. A sluggish liver makes it very difficult for you to lose weight

Swap your plastics

Plastic bottles and containers often contain xeno oestrogens. These are chemical compounds that mimic oestrogen and will disrupt the messages from your natural hormones. You’re exposed to 100s each day and one of the most common and damaging is Bisphenol –A (BPA).

BPA has the potential to leak into the food or liquid being stored in your plastic containers and then into you when you consume it increasing your body’s toxicity.

If you’re struggling to lose weight it could be a sign that you have too many toxins in your body. One of the simplest actions you can take is to ditch all your plastic storage containers and replace them with BPA free vessels.

Bonus swap

One final swap you can make is to swap going it alone for finding the right person to help. If you’ve struggled for years to make the changes to your body you want maybe it’s time for a fresh perspective. Apply for a complimentary Burn Fat, Beat Stress and Boost your Energy Smart Start Session with me HERE


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