Three tips to get your Facebook Fans to join your email list

FACEBOOKMany small businesses have a Facebook page. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with their customers. But, did you know that using a Facebook Page and an email newsletter is a really powerful combination to communicating with the people that matter to your business?

But how do you turn those Likes into eager subscribers to your email newsletter mailing list? There are a bunch of easy tools and tactics you can use and I’m going to share three great tips with you that will have your Facebook Fans flocking over to your email newsletter list in no time.

  1. Share your newsletter on your Facebook page

One of the easiest ways to get your email newsletters seen initially by your Facebook Fans is to make sure that you post them onto your page. You can easily share your email newsletter on your Facebook page as a link. This is really simple to do (you can find more information here). By doing this, you’re showing your Facebook Fans what they could be getting if they signed up for your newsletter. Don’t forget to include a link to let them sign up!

It sounds counter intuitive but make sure that you include a “Join my mailing list” button in your email too – in case your newsletter is forwarded to a friend.

  1. A competition or giveaway

Giving something away in exchange for email sign up can also be a great tactic. It could be tickets for an event, the latest tech toy, or a discount on their first purchase. Make sure what you offer is appropriate to the people who will join your list. For example, at Constant Contact we offer a free downloadable guide each month that will give people helpful information about improving their online marketing.

You could also use an app like Constant Contact Social Campaigns that will deposit email newsletter sign ups right into your account for you.

  1. Make it easy for your fans to join your mailing list

The last thing worth thinking about is about how you can make it as easy as possible for people to join your email list. I wrote about using a sign up button in an email above, but you can also add one to your Facebook page.

Constant Contact’s “Join My Mailing List” application lets you to collect email addresses through your Facebook Page right into the mailing list you choose. You can event create a personalised welcome email for new subscribers.

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Remember that these are just three tips that will help you to get more people onto your email list. If you want the best digital marketing advice sent to your inbox every month sign up for the Constant Contact Hints and Tips Newsletter here.

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Tory Douglass is an experienced digital marketer and content creator. She enjoys helping people promote themselves using all different aspects of the internet. Tory writes about all things digital and how this can help small businesses to be successful.

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