Throwing Tantrums

HiResWhilst the older ones are Ticking Boxes, the younger ones are throwing tantrums!!! It’s a really hard life,  isn’t it?

Yes, they’re attractive, full of life and well, give me something more to laugh about and learn but the good fortune of dating a relatively younger guy is, how do I put this for you to understand, requiring me to develop  new set of skills if the hope that two will eventually become one will ever come to pass.

As it so happens,  I somehow found myself agreeing to a weekend break in Milan on a chilly weekend. The intention of course, was to peruse through the glorious and famous shopping villages and also to hang with well meaning “Milanians” . I of course as well meaning as I usually am, extended the kind gesture to my newly found dating interest to join me and my friends on this trip, for after all, Milan is nothing but new to us both and it would have been fun exploring the City together. Well, :0  at the time that I gladly expressed this friendly delight with my current date interest, it sure didn’t cross my mind that it may actually be  be too soon in the game for me to extend such a gesture! I truly wasn’t  paying attention to the screaming ‘commitment’ alarm bells that were probably going on in his mind and the whole idea sounded so cool to me at that stage. Thinking back, I am not  surprised that he wasn’t too keen on the idea! But then, he took things a bit further – He wanted me to cancel  the weekend trip too Lol!! Oh men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them either.  So here comes his display of disapproval – Tantrums!

As I later found out , it turns out that not having his way in the situation was a pretty hard blow for Mr here. Never mind me!  And so for the very first time , I got my first bout of tantrums! Urgh!  A smooth sailing date night turned out to be a night of pouting and sighing, filled with long silences. Apparently, cancelling a flight and hotel reservation as well as forgoing the opportunity to spend a great time with my local friends, appeared to be the best option available in this instance. I think it’s best to say that Mr  wasn’t happy to be in a situation that he, for one, felt hopeless to control. As I am writing to you, I am still not sure what the thinking process behind the tantrum was all about but it sounds to me that I need help in getting this one together.

Someone get me Susan Sarandon’s number please! I would also be grateful for J-Lo’s or Lauren Pope’s if you have them?  Will take Madonna’s too

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About the author was created to test out a new phenomenon!! We hear of countless stories where women (and many women around the world) go on a date, maybe once or twice…. get to know the guy and then as soon as she makes up her mind that this is the guy that she would like to have in her life… the guy suddenly turns cold towards her!!! Sounds familiar? What happened? How did this nice guy who was pursuing you countlessly suddenly turned cold the moment you started to show an interest in him? Why did he change his attitude? Why did he stopped calling, stopped texting, cancelled the date (with an excuse— I’m sick! and never called back)

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