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So you’re sitting at your computer. It’s officially Spring. Jumpers and big coats – going, going, gone. We look at the ‘hibernation layer’ our bodies have accumulated in Winter – albeit large or small and the thought process goes like this….”OK, got to do something. Join a gym. Diet. Lay off the wine. I’ll try spinning. How long have I got until my holiday….”

Most of us will start off on a high – with the best of intentions. However, when it doesn’t happen quickly enough or we slip up (eeek a glass of wine!), we berate ourselves. The self worth to continue the healthy lifestyle dwindles. And that’s OK. We’ve all been that woman.

But sometimes it IS different. You can sense the shift. You’ve had enough of the rut. You’re bored to tears by your excuses and you want that healthy, tighter, slimmer body more than ever before. You’re ready to give it everything. This is a defining moment ladies – you can use this fire to create change. Because here’s the secret – Your body will achieve what your mind believes. As trainers and coaches, we’ve seen this time and time again. The ones that believe they can, do.

Which is the principle behind Body:ReSet Ibiza – an exclusive female trainer led retreat that encompasses fitness for the body and mind. We want you to use the retreat as a ReSet button. An opportunity to step outside of the crazy lifestyle and get your mind and body telling the same story. That health, wellbeing and a body you deserve is possible.

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They’ll be no more than 12 like-minded women on each retreat, sharing the same experience, and probably similar feelings about their body. The retreat is set up in a way that means you can be as private or as sociable as you like – there truly is no pressure at our retreats to be anything other than yourself.

You’ll get a chance to participate in varied and effective exercise, supported with wellbeing coaching, a nutritional workshop, styling consultation, plus a chance to relax, visit the spa and enjoy the island. But you are with us to make changes so you can expect fat burning, metabolic and body toning activities, such as core conditioning, HIIT training, yoga, cardio boxing, hiking and beach activities. It can be as challenging as you make it – our team will always take into account the individual’s level of fitness so that you get the most out of it. We believe that the only competition should be with yourself. We are there to motivate and empower, not judge.

In summary, Body:ReSet is a luxury retreat geared towards sustainable success – tapping into the physical aspects of achieving your goals and the power of the mind to get you there. But most importantly, the confidence and determination to continue your fitness journey long after you leave us. This isn’t a quick fix and we’ll never pretend it to be. What it will do is give you knowledge, understanding, focus, self-worth, on-going support, faith and the beginnings of a body and lifestyle you’ll want to keep up….

So if you’re sitting at your desk and this has ignited the fire in you to make a change, you can read more here.

Or please feel free to call one of us – we are more than happy to chat about whether this is the right retreat for you, or talk you through our other retreat offerings: SUP Yoga & Pilates, Juice Cleanse, DNA Fitness and more. Call our enquiries team on 0203 6999 933.

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And just for a shameful plug, here is what some of our press supporters have said about us…

Tatler: Forget your one size fits all personal trainer. The teachers at 38º are unique forces of nature, every one of them.

Conde Nast Traveller: The tight little team behind 38º North are efficiently going about their business: helping people get a whole lot fitter.

Also recommended by: Vogue, The Sunday Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Grazia

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