Time for that spring detox!

woman smiling in a field of flowers, growth, growOk – spring detox is go!

I feel like my body is ready for this now and I’m champing at the bit to get going – and THIS is the feeling that I wait for to begin because any earlier than this in the year and I am NOT interested. So why make things harder for ourselves?

There are some key areas to focus on to make this a success and within those areas you can go do as much or as little as suits your body at this moment. This is not a race, there are no winners and oftentimes less IS more.


Key Focus Areas:

Inner body

            Reduce toxins


            10hr eating window

            Simple meals

Outer body

            Dry brushing

            Salt scrubs

            Castor oil packs



            Increased physical effort

            More time in nature


            Observing thoughts

            Attending to feelings

For me a typical day will look like this: 

 – 10 hour eating window means not eating until later in the morning

 – Breaking my fast with a cup of hot water and lemon

 – Soup for lunch and a simple meal (no sauce, plenty of veg and protein) for dinner

 – 2 litres of herb tea during the day including herbs like fennel, nettle, dandelion root and leaf to support the detox processes

 – Daily dry skin brushing and ensuring my skin is well moisturised and I include two castor oil packs during the week

 – Increasing my daily walks and time outside where possible

 – Time out to journal at the beginning and end of each day

I always plan to follow this routine for a week at a time – by the end of the first week I check in with my body to see how I’m feeling and whether I need to continue. Often, by the end of the first week I’m starting to feel the benefits and am happy to carry on.  I’ll usually stay in this mode for 2 – 3 weeks before becoming less stringent on diet first of all. However, because we’re not drastically pushing ourselves into a huge detox, it is quite safe to continue if feel it is right for you to do that.

Tune into your body and just see how you get on – let go of any expectation. Just harness the new spring energy and do as little or as much as you like.

Pamela Spence MNIMHAbout the author

Pamela is a medical herbalist and runs an online community for busy women who do too much. Doors open again in March and kick off with a week of free content designed to help you reset your stress levels naturally. To find out more and sign up to the wait list visit here.


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