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clip art - stress imageAs you all know Matt and I are planning the whole wedding ourselves, of course with a little help from family and friends. Now when I say Matt and I what I really mean is me hehe. He has been involved but I’ve done pretty much everything myself. It’s extremely hard working while planning a wedding.

I’ve had roughly a year to plan mine and to be honest it doesn’t feel long enough. I originally thought a year is plenty of time but for me juggling work, life and the wedding has been really tough. It’s not been the fun journey I expected but I promise it’s not all doom and gloom.

So we’re paying for it ourselves and planning it while both having full time jobs and in my case I work evenings and sometimes weekends as well which doesn’t leave much time for wedding stuff. What I kept doing was putting things off like the wedding stationary. But at the 4 weeks to go point I was starting to panic. So I set myself a deadline to get loads of stuff done in a week and I will say I think I was being a bit unreasonable.

It got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping, face full of spots and really emotional.

So a few Fridays ago one of my bridesmaids came to see me. I call her my little burst of sunshine because although we don’t see each other all the time, every time I see her she is so positive about life and always has a smile on her face. Spending a few hours with her and her gorgeous kids really made me feel better. I felt lighter. Matt took care of the kiddies while I showed Serena all my wedding bits and she seemed genuinely amazed and I got this massive buzz of excitement, which before I was lacking. After she went home in the evening I was planning to go on the PC and do wedding stuff but Matt sat me down and said:

You are banned from your PC for the entire night.

I was a bit shocked really, he’s normally so laid back but he could tell the week had me nearly to breaking point, so I humbly obeyed. I needed a night off from the wedding and work. We spent the whole night listening to music and playing xbox.

Yes, I enjoy xbox games! Not your typical girl, am I?

I was so happy to just sit back and spend some quality time with him and the best bit is I got to spend the whole weekend with him just relaxing. We did a few wedding bits but not hours upon hours like normal.

Why am I telling you this? The reason is, I’d hate for other brides to feel as stressed as I did. If you are going to plan it yourself you have to understand it is really time intensive and stressful. Get as much help from friends and family as you can.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help because I have found some people think “oh she has it covered” and just leave you to it but inside you’re screaming out for help. It’s a case of people aren’t psychic, how do they know you need help unless you ask? SO ASK. Trust me, the more people helping the better!

So I now have 2 weeks to go and I feel calmer and surprise surprise, super excited! My vision for the wedding is really taking shape and the finances are nearly all taken care off which is wicked. I’ve even sorted out what I’m taking on my honeymoon!

Yep I spent 3 hours listening to my favourite songs while prancing around in my summer stuff it was great fun!

Yesterday my mum and I spent a magical day at Clarice House in Colchester. We had a spa day and let me tell you it was amazing and couldn’t have come at a better time. Check out the Review section for my Clarice House review coming soon.

Advice time

If you can’t afford an event planner, that’s ok. Lots of women plan the wedding themselves. My biggest bit of advice in this case is keep on top of everything, make sure you know when stuff needs to be done by. Don’t keep putting things off because in the end they creep up on you and will cause you lots of stress. Try to work yourself a timeline. I didn’t do this but in hindsight it would have been a lifesaver. David Tutera who presents the programme ‘My Fair Wedding’ (which rocks) has his own blog and in that blog he said:

“If you’re planning it yourself make sure everything that can be done before the day is done at least 3 months before the wedding”.

Ooops! Maybe I read it wrong and thought he meant 3 weeks!

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