Timewise launches Hire Me My Way campaign for flexible and part time job seekers

Timewise has launched a campaign to support part time and flexible workers in their hunt for work in the UK.

The campaign called Hire Me My Way aims to build one million quality job vacancies for part-time and flexible workers, to ensure they are not excluded from decent paid jobs throughout the country.

The campaign is being funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

According to research released by Timewise flexible workers are at a disadvantage, with 79% of part time and flexible job seekers claiming the market is broken for them.

Hire me my way logo - job seekers campaignTimewise’s annual Flexible Jobs Index has revealed that only 8.7% of job vacancies, with salaries of £20,000 per year or more or full time equivalent roles, offer some degree of flexibility.

The site will showcase employers that have made a commitment to ‘flexible hiring’ and that are open to conversations about flexibility at the time of hire. It will also offer free individual career advice for job seekers.

Timewise co-founder and joint CEO Karen Mattison, said: “Modern work has changed, with half of the UK workforce now working flexibly. The problem is that how we advertise jobs simply hasn’t caught up, leaving people who need a flexible or part time job completely confused and stuck.

“Now it’s time for UK businesses to respond to what candidates want: if you are open to hiring someone flexibly – at the point of recruitment – say so. Join Hire Me My Way and make yourself known – directly to the people who want to work for you.”

Timewise co-founder and joint CEO Emma Stewart, said: “The lack of flexible hiring in the UK affects everyone searching for such jobs. Transform hiring, and you have the potential to bring tangible change to millions of families unable to raise their earnings or progress their careers, because they are trapped by their need for flexibility.”

The Hire Me My Way campaign launches with corporate partner EY backing the campaign.

Lynn Rattigan, Chief Operating Officer at EY, UK and Ireland, said: “The needs of the UK’s workforce are changing rapidly and employers need to keep up; not only to support their own business growth, but indeed the competitiveness of the UK economy.

“There is a huge pool of experienced and highly skilled talent that companies are missing out on simply because they fail to mention, from the outset on their job advertisements, that they are open to flexibility. EY is backing Timewise’s Hire Me My Way campaign to help shift the mind-sets and behaviours of employers across the UK, to drive change in the recruitment market and modernise the workplace.”

The campaign is also backed by several employers, organisations, equality campaigners and social reformers including WeAreTheCity.

These include 19 private and public sector employers, as well as 20 organisations, including those representing British business and recruitment, such as the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC); policy makers and researchers such as the Resolution.

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