Tips for nailing your CV

Eight CV proofreading tips that will help you catch every mistake

Personal Profile

You should include a personal profile on your CV. This should comprise of short and snappy lines about you that will attract interest from the outset of reading.

Keep it brief

Make sure to keep your CV brief, 2 sides of A4 maximum will suffice.

Stripping your CV down to just the essentials will condense your resume into a streamlined document full of essential information bound to catch the eye of an employer.

Prioritise your CV

It’s important to include hobbies and interests on a CV, but just make sure what you include in this section is relevant and isn’t on there at the expense of other relevant employment information.

Format correctly

It is essential to format your CV correctly. Make sure you use bullet points for optimum readability and be sure to give it a thorough proofread.

Simple & to the point

Keep the wording and general structure of your CV simple – It’s as simple as that really. There’s no need to jump into a thesaurus with fancy words, just the same as there’s no need to use a coloured fonts and imagery. Keep it simple and straight to the point.

Tailor it

Make sure to always tailor your CV to the job or role you’re applying for.

In addition to this make sure you own your CV by steering clear of templates as well as trying to put as much of your personality into it as possible. After all, until the interview, It’s doing the talking for you.

Contact details

This one might seem obvious but make sure your contact details are correct and up to date on your CV – you might be the perfect candidate for the role but that means nothing if you cannot be reached!

Cover all employment gaps

It’s important to cover all gaps in employment on your CV so whoever is reading it has no further questions to ask regarding your employment history.

Qualifications & Training

Be sure to include absolutely anything that you feel is relevant to the role you’re applying for, whether that’s the relevant qualifications, training courses you have undertaken, or systems you have used – you never know exactly what a person is looking for.

Sarah HaddonAbout the author

Sarah Haddon has worked at the Cordant Group for over 13 years.

She has over 20 years experience working within recruitment, with 17 of these being at management level.

She has worked for both independent and multi national agencies and is experienced in running successful Commercial, Industrial, Catering and Accountancy divisions.

Sarah is a very ambitious and hardworking individual who prides herself on motivating and coaching her team in order for them to be successful.

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