Tips on how to stay mentally & physically fit whilst working from home

Nicola Russill-RoyIn this article, Nicola Russill-Roy gives us her tips on how to stay mentally and physically fit whilst working from home.

Nicola Russill-Roy is CEO of wedding PR specialist agency (England’s first agency dedicated to representing brands in the wedding industry) – Propose PR and Propose PR Consultancy.

Nicola’s tips on how to stay mentally and physically fit whilst working from home:

Have a routine

Set a routine so you wake the same time each day, you have breakfast at the same time each day and you start work at the same time each day.

Have a separate office space

If you cannot have an external office space like I do, then choose a dedicated room or space that is your ‘work’ zone, try to avoid having distractions in your work zone such as laundry, home admin, the  TV on, children’s toys, etc as this will allow your flow of work to be disrupted, if you also see ‘chaos’ in and around your home, it will make your work life feel more cluttered and out of control.

Keep your work space free of clutter, minimal, light, plenty of fresh air and think about having props in your office that help with motivation, positivity

For me, its burning a sweet orange essential oil in a diffuser (very uplifting and invigorating), motivational quotes on my office wall and a photo of my daughter on my desk to remind me why I am doing what I am doing and for who.

Keep a big two litre bottle of water on your desk

…And take regular sips from it.

Invest in a good, supportive office chair

Don’t be tempted to use a sofa or dining table chair, you need something that is going to be supportive and good for your posture whilst working at your computer all day.

Make time in your day to step away from your desk

For me, I try to get to the gym for an hour or if I cant take an hour out, I make take four x 15 min breaks, or two x 30 min breaks throughout the day. It can be a walk around the block, run up and down the stairs, some simple yoga stretches – anything to get the blood pumping, get the circulation going – even dance around your office to a few of your favourite songs!

If you are having a bad work day or an email has landed in your inbox that has made you angry or frustrated, walk away from your desk

Go for a walk, make yourself a comforting drink (for me a nice lavender or spiced apple tea), take five minutes out to do some breathing, mediative mind exercises and then return to your desk. Don’t avoid the problem as you will have trouble sleeping that night, try to deal with the issue before the end of the day.

Schedule breaks in your calendar, set phone reminders to drink water

If you don’t set reminder, its easy for the hours to whirl by in the office without taking this necessary time out.

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