Tips on the beauty and benefit of meditation

iStock_000006635623Small“Your heart holds answers your mind hasn’t even begun to imagine” – Old Proverb

Shutting out the noise and mind-chatter can have an amazing effect on your life but can be difficult! It’s a stillness that tunes into your inner-world where all of your life secrets can be found. Many people think they haven’t got time or the patience to spend a few moments of quality ‘Me’ time. They can feel guilty but giving yourself permission to take time out will give you loads more energy and help improve your memory, intuition, creativity and give you more clarity of thought and it is not selfish.

iStock_000000086828XSmallIt also helps reduce your stress levels so you come away feeling refreshed, invigorated and more relaxed, allowing you to achieve far more. Brilliant ideas can pop into your head, and sometimes the magic answer you have been searching for!

Meditation will heal your mind and your body plus open up your life because it stimulates the creation of new communication pathways between the logical right brain and the creative left brain. This balances your brain and gives you a whole-being experience.

Contrary to popular belief – It doesn’t have to last for hours sitting on a mountain top dressed in purple – ten, fifteen or thirty minutes a day might be all you need. Standing in the shower, waiting for an appointment, or sitting quietly at your desk can be just as beneficial. The secret is to practice and gradually you will find that it becomes easier when you suddenly discover the benefits. You’ll want to do it more often!

Celebrities, Pop idols, Politicians, Sport icons, Millionaires, Entrepreneurs including Richard Branson & Oprah Winfrey now openly admit they meditate.

There are many different ways to meditate, and various techniques you can learn which are too numerous to mention here – so I will describe a very common and easy to use technique that you can do sitting in your chair right now or whenever you feel stressed.

Meditation exercise

  1. All meditation techniques focus on your breathing.
  2. Sit back in your chair and take a really deep breath in. As you do count silently in your mind to 6 whilst holding your breathe. Then… as you slowly breathe out… count from 6 backwards to zero.
  3. Keep repeating 1-6-0 but also gently imagine & feel your shoulders relaxing as the tension gradually leaves your body.
  4. Repeat this mindfulness breathing for 5+ minutes. You can sit at your desk with your eyes open or you can close them.
  5. It may help to have a soothing picture on your screen (or a candle if at home) which you can focus on the centre which will also help relax your mind.
  6. If thoughts wonder in, acknowledge them mentally and let them drift off in a bubble knowing you will remember them later. Same with noise; try and ignore it as you ‘see’ it drift away


If you do this simple meditation for 5-10 minutes every day for 21 days I can virtually guarantee that it will change your life plus reduce your stress as it becomes an lovely relaxing habit.

Enjoy your journey

Other meditation ideas are available on my website under

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Sheila SteptoeSheila Steptoe is a Self-Discovery Consultant, spiritual coach and author who has appeared as a guest on Prime Time TV and many BBC and local radio stations. Nearly two decades ago whilst going through a devastating period in her life she had a beautiful  life changing ‘wake-up call’ which has given her so much wisdom and courage to turn her life around and become the successful business woman she is today.  She now helps others discover this gift and a connection to themselves through Spiritual Intelligence so they understand who they truly are and their life better enabling anyone to go beyond the barriers that hold them back. She gives fabulous talks, runs transformational workshops and meditation groups and coaches’ individuals to achieve far more than they ever imagined as their confidence grows. Plus she is the author of Before I Get Old and Wrinkly & Master Your Own Destiny which are both fast becoming bestsellers. Master Your Own Destiny is also available as a powerful 9 Module Home Study course which also includes 9 meditation CD’s

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