Too many women! “A Modest Proposal”

Mail on line: Too many women doctors ‘will be bad for patients’  April 4th

Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travels had a brilliant solution.

Back in the day it was thought that there were too many Irish.   The problem with the Irish was that they would keep breeding so that there were too many children.  At the same time there was a potato famine.  Swift cleverly connected the two, and suggested that the Irish sell their children to be eaten by the rich.   Which solution would, at a stroke, solve both problems.   I don’t think he published recipes, but many people took him seriously and were horrified.

At a less  dramatic level we can deal with the surplus of women Doctors.

“A Modest Proposal”  Put them on boards!

Promote them to positions of power, so that, like the bankers, earning commensurate salaries, with bonus,  they’ll easily afford child care should they need it.

Christina Legarde: 

“If Lehman brothers had been Lehman sisters, we would not have had the degree of tragedy in the finance world”

Less than 10% of a woman’s working life, goes on child care.  Some would argue that since the younger generation is our future, it’s  something to be cherished, supported and rewarded.   But no need.  Put them on committees, such as trafficking, the elderly, support for disability:  other caring issues for which they are so suited.   Violent crimes against women seem to be rising on the agenda, and even Boris has appointed a VAWG Tzar.

MP Fiona Mactaggart: 

“when we put women on the Defence Committee, suddenly we were talking about soldiers, and their families, rather than weapons.”

NHS boards could have real working doctors with experience instead of managers!  Private companies bidding for the NHS break down, could only be eligible if they had 50% women Doctors.  The possibilities are endless.

Lest we doubt their ability, we have only to look to Ruby McGregor Smith who chaired the committee set up by parliament,  Women’s business Council to make recommendations for greater numbers of women in business.

“Britain will miss out on a £160 billion windfall if women’s economic potential is not tapped.”

Evening Standard quoting the report released on Tuesday.

Cameron himself has said,

“Where the potential and perspective of women are locked out of the decisions that shape a society, that society remains stunted and underachieving”.

Let’s go for it.  More women on boards, trusts and in positions of power. Who knows even perhaps in Parliament!

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