My top 10 favourite travel gifts, by Carolyn Pearson

Planes, trains and automobiles. Every week I find myself travelling to a different city. With the baggage, liquid and weight restrictions, it’s difficult to fit all those little luxuries that make your hotel room a home from home but I’ve put together a list of my favourite treats that make me feel secure and pampered wherever I go.
bose earphones
1. Bose Headphones

This year I’ve really got into meditation and it’s a great way to pass travel time and take a break from flicking aimlessly through my smart-phone. But with ‘noisy neighbours’ and constant train announcements, it can be hard to zone out. These little in-ear noise cancelling headphones do the trick perfectly and they also come with a mic to use to take calls. Remember to set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ for a little bit of down time.

Price £259.95 Buy online

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 15.45.502. Ebby Rane Luggage

For a little bit of luggage luxury I choose the Ebby Rane ‘Quartermaster.’ It meets carry-on size restrictions is fitted with a patented packing system that includes 10 thoughtful carryalls and the exquisite 1887 Clutch in buttery leather. Available in 3 show-stopping colours, each Quartermaster is beautifully crafted on the outside and meticulously appointed on the inside, promising to keep you organised and efficient on your travels. Ebby Rane takes inspiration from the bespoke trunks that accompanied voyages in the Victorian era – modernising the elegance of luxury travel with classic style.

Price £670.00  Buy online

3. PicPac – Smart Packing Solutions

One of my pet packing hates is putting shoes in with my clothes and trying to keep everything clean, and crease free. Enter “PicPac” a nifty Norwegian brand offering, ZIP PAC – for small pieces of clothes – with separated compartment for clean and used – SHU PAC – for your shoes – to protect your clothes and keep all clean – SHIRT PAC – to keep your shirts and blouses clean and wrinkle-free all the way.

Price £30.00 Buy online

4. Inskin Aromatherapy Pulse Point Blends

On a recent business trip, I arrived with a buzzing brain as result of too much to think about and really struggled to fall asleep. That night I lay awake inventing two little portions that would pass the flight liquid restrictions and help me to focus and relax. Imagine my delight when I ran the idea by good friend and aromatherapist Lizzy from INSKIN, Lizzy was already one step ahead of me having recently launched her pulse point blends.

INSKIN FOCUS PULSE POINT 10ml £10. Buy online


5. GATE8 – Cabin Bag

The GATE8 cabin bag is fast becoming the “must have” travel companion for business women around the world. A group of members participated in a focus group to help shape the design of this new innovative piece of luggage. It not only offers a stylish way to transport all the clothing you would need for a 3-day business trip (arriving crease free), but also features a stylish zip-away mobile office bag so you can just carry the essentials. It saves busy businesspeople time, money and frustration, and makes sure they can easily access what they need, when they need it, to wheel down the aisle of the aircraft, sail through arrivals and be first in line for a taxi home.

Price £149 Buy online

6. Veho Pebble Portable Battery

The chances are that your mobile battery will die at the most inconvenient time and if you find yourself in a place where there are no power sockets, the Veho pebble is excellent device, providing portable power on the go. Coming in a range of colours, simply charge this up before you travel use to top up your mobile device when you need it.

From £24.95 Buy online

Tieks Shoes
7. Tieks Shoes

A new cult brand of ballet flat made in the finest Italian leather to be launched in the USA. These little beauties fold up and come with a little carry case and their own little bag. I would normally wear ballet flats whilst city-zipping and switch into my heels when I get to my destination but with such a wide array of colours and styles they are cute enough to wear throughout the day. I have a pair of copperhead snake design but I love this pair of festive flats too.

From £175.00 Buy online.

8. DoorJammer security device

As I’m passionate about making travel safe I’m a stickler when it comes to hotel security. Did you know that a hotel room with a deadbolt can still be opened with a master-key, that’s why I always use the additional bolt or chain when I’m in my hotel room. But sadly not all hotels are female friendly or have adequate door locks and that’s why my DoorJammer gives me peace of mind. It slides easily under a hotel door rendering it unopenable from the outside but still you can whip it off in a second if need to get out quickly.

Price £24.99 Buy online

Ila Dusk
9. Ila Dusk Personal Alarm

There’s little point having a personal alarm at the bottom of your handbag as you’re not going to be able to activate it in an emergency. These cute little alarms from Ila actually double up as a handbag charm coming in a range of colours and styles. Unlike the usual sound of an alarm, the Dusk also makes a loud screaming sound for attracting attention. I can vouch that this does the job perfectly having accidentally set mine off in an open plan office and on a flight – eek!

Price £14.95 Buy online

10. DKNY Cashmere Blend Pashmina

Anybody who knows me will know that I’m rarely seen without a pashmina. For me it a key wardrobe staple, I can use it as a scarf, to brighten up my favourite LBD or as cosy blanket to snuggle under on a chilly flight. Whilst leopard accessories feature widely in my work wardrobe, this tiger print design is a beautiful twist on animal print.

Price £140.00 Buy online

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