Top 10 things you can do right now when it comes to self-care to help you live your best life

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We see self-care mentioned all the time – but what does it really mean and what can you do right now to help live your best life?

Jules Kelly is a Life Balance Strategist and is helping women to change their lives and re-write their stories through the publication of her book The Fading Woman – Reclaiming your Body, Power, Purpose and Joy, which is out now on Amazon.

Here are her top ten things to help you find that balance:

Self-care is a term that we hear banded around freely right now and there is a real mix of understanding in what that actually means.

I have asked so many women the same question and the answers are extremely varied from responses such as “making time to have a bath and to read a book” to “make time for yourself” and all sorts in between, and whilst they are invariably all right in some way, they just skim the surface.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines self-care as “The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health”

In my opinion self-care is the ultimate gift to yourself and your family.   It starts with understanding how your body works; what affects it and its functionality and taking ownership of all of it and realising that looking after your body is completely within your gift.  It’s the place that you live from the moment you are born until the moment you shuffle of this earth.  The responsibility for caring for you sits firmly with you. Your body is working so hard every day dealing with everything that you throw at it physically, mentally, and environmentally.  Your body is incredible if you treat it well.

So some simple quick wins in self-care include:

Drink lots of water

Your body needs water to ensure that each cell in your body works efficiently by delivering the nutrients they need.  It is needed to help digest your food and deal with getting rid of the waste in your body, including toxins. Ideally drink filtered water or bottled water (glass if possible)

Reduce your toxic load

What does this mean? Cutting down on the number of chemicals you use and ingest. They are often full of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and other health challenging chemicals, which means that they are disrupting your hormonal balance and other body systems. They can have huge repercussions for your body.

Eat as fresh as possible

Processed foods are heavy in additives and chemicals that may also be disruptive to your body. Wherever possible eat Organic to avoid Glyphosate. (Glyphosate is a fertiliser that is used for weed control that impacts our food quality due to its absorption. It is banned in many countries but not yet in the UK)

Don’t microwave your food in plastic containers

The plastic can leach into the food and plastic is not good for your body! If a product is labelled microwave safe, that means that it just won’t melt.

Stay away from any products with the words Fragrance or Parfum on the label

Look for labels that say, phthalate free or no synthetic fragrance. Phthalates have been linked to a number of serious health challenges.

Talk mental health

Make talking to someone about your mental health as important as your hair and nail appointments.

Be kind to yourself

You are talking to yourself in your head all day long. Make those thoughts kind.  Being negative about yourself makes you feel rubbish and you will start to believe it. Your brain believes whatever you tell it! So, tell yourself you are blooming fabulous!

Reduce your stress

Stress puts you in an alert state and that’s fantastic if you are in danger but not if you are just waiting for the kettle to boil or you are trying to meet a deadline or you are running late. Stress raises your blood pressure and heart rate for a reason. Stop and breathe.Deep belly breaths. In for the count of four, hold for four and out for four. Repeat this four times and your nervous system will chill!


Make sure you get some. Sleeping is where we heal and repair. If you can’t sleep, switch your electrics off at least an hour before bed. Leave the phone outside of your room if you can. No telly, no laptops, no gadget lights. A magnesium salt bath before bed will help to bring down the cortisol levels if you struggle to switch off your busy mind. If you don’t have a bath, just soak your feet in warm water in a bowl with magnesium salts. It will do the same thing.

Listen to your body

If it needs to rest, know the signs.  Be brave enough to say no sometimes to those that are asking things of you. Be brave enough to stop and rest without feeling guilty. Make sure that there is something in each and every day that brings your joy and that lights you up.

If your body is working as you want it to and you are able to take on life and everything that is out there for you to experience, you can literally have any life that you want.

We always have two choices.

We either accept the life that we have and exist, or we choose the life that we actively want and live the bejesus out of it!

Jules KellyAbout the author

Jules Kelly is a Life Balance Strategist. She is helping women to change their lives and re-write their stories through the publication of her first book The Fading Woman – Reclaiming your Body, Power, Purpose and Joy, which is out now on Amazon. She can be found at: #onelifetwochoices

The Fading Woman: Reclaiming your body, power, purpose and joy | Jules Kelly

Do you ever feel like you are a passenger in your own life and you have become lost along the way somehow?
If you can relate to any of these things…

• When did I stop being the person that I wanted to be?
• When will I get to the front of mine or anyone else’s priority list?
• When do I stop having to be everything to everyone and just be me?
• Will the get up and go that has got up and gone ever come back again?
• Why does my body and mind not work as it should?

Then you can definitely benefit from the direct and no noise approach that Jules Kelly has in store for you as she leads you through her transformational Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme.

Her easy to follow, non-jargonistic and real life approach to many issues that women of our time are experiencing day in and day out, will allow you to become the empowered, balanced, joyful and beautifully healthy woman that you were born to be.

Jules Kelly healed herself from 15 years of Chronic illness and has gone from bed bound to brilliantly sharing her methods with women far and wide. She is a fine example of having walked the walk and now teaches others to do the same.

You can absolutely choose the life that you want and live it to the max. Jules will show you how.

The Fading Woman: Reclaiming your body, power, purpose and joy - Jules Kelly
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