The top 5 hazards of the inside job

Stressed businesswoman1. The impact of stress

High workloads, long hours and the never ending bleep of the blackberry have all increased the levels of chronic stress in the workplace.  This puts many professionals in a constant state of ‘Fight of Flight’ which triggers a complex chain reaction affecting all systems of the body and impacts of the release of cortisol. Cortisol supresses the immune system and stimulates the release of more glucose into the blood stream – elevating blood-sugar levels, affecting mood, disrupting sleep and increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some mental illnesses.

2. Staging a sit-in on a daily basis

Getting caught up in the flow of work and spending hours sitting in one position, eyes squinting in furrowed concentration may be great for meeting deadlines but can cause eye strain and muscle tension can lead to headache, migraine, shoulder and neck pain, impaired cognitive function and even skeletal imbalance in other parts of the body.

3. Distracted dining

Our bodies perceive distraction as stress so doing anything other than just eating will compromise your digestive system. This means that, no matter how healthy your lunch actually is, your body won’t be able to absorb all its vital nutrients OR perform its other important functions in relation to detoxing and elimination.

4. Blowing hot and cold

Modern temperature control systems are meant to deliver constant temperature with adequate oxygen to create the ideal working environment. In actuality, they almost NEVER work which is bad enough at the best of times but comeflu season these systems really come into their own as incubators and transmitters of bugs and viruses, no matter how many times the maintenance team claim to have changed the filters.

5. Open plan closing down communication

We’ve all witnessed colleagues who sit two seats away from each other emailing over an issue that could be resolved in a 2 minute conversation. Ironically, open plan offices actually contribute to this phenomenon because conversations can be overheard proving a distraction at best and essentially ruling out the possibility of doing this with regards to any confidential matter.

Taking the first step towards better health

Get up and walk as much as you can during the day. Have walking meetings, talk to people face to face or make phone calls standing up to help burn off excess energy and help regulate your blood sugar levels. Shrug your shoulders, swing your arms, scrunch your face and take the stairs to get the blood pumping and release muscle tension. Go outside at lunchtime and look up to give your eyes a break and leave your phone behind so you’re not tempted to check your emails.  Instead focus on deep breathing and releasing tension from your body so you eat a relaxed state.

The greatest wealth is health – Virgil

Author Bio

Tricia Alach is a Corporate Escapee turned Natural Therapist and Wellness Coach specialising in working with busy people who want to relax, rebalance and revitalise their lives! Visit for more information or follow me on facebook

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