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When it comes to attending or organizing an early morning meeting or conference, breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of the day. You’re not going to look so great standing on stage with your stomach growling, or trying to network as best you can when all you can think of is how hungry you are!

Fear not, to ensure you get a decent feed before your next important meeting, I have compiled a list of 5 of the best hotel breakfasts in London to set you up for the day.

5. Sanderson Hotel, London
Sanderson Hotel Breakfast Image
Image courtesy of Sanderson Hotel

This luxury hotel in the heart of London’s West End has an incredible choice of food when it comes to breakfast, and even has the classier (but not always appropriate!) option of having a champagne breakfast for special occasions. Be it a quick meeting with an old friend, or an all day training session, The Sanderson Hotel’s buffet breakfast will leave you full and with a smile on your face. Pure, healthy, indulgence.

4. Hotel Café Royal
Hotel Cafe Royal-breakfast image
Image courtesy of Hotel Cafe Royal

The contemporary Hotel Café Royal is also located in London’s West End, this hotel has some incredible sweet treats waiting for you each morning. From delicious waffles covered in cream and fresh berries to freshly baked pain au chocolat, this is definitely the perfect spot for anyone with a sweet tooth.

3. 45 Park Lane
45 Park Lane-breakfast image
Image courtesy of 45 Park Lane

Part of the Dorchester Collection, 45 Park Lane is an exclusive luxury 5 star hotel overlooking Hyde Park in London’s Mayfair . This hotel is the perfect location for early morning meetings and they are sure to serve you with only the best coffee and delicious breakfast pastries to set you up for a productive days work!

2. The Capital Hotel
Capitol Hotel- breakfast image
Image courtesy of Capitol hotel

The Capital Hotel in central London, is the world’s closest hotel to Harrods and thus ideal if you are in London for a shopping trip or if you plan on doing business in the area! To set you up for either a day of shopping or successful meetings, the hotel offers one of the most brilliantly presented breakfasts you will find in London. Looks, and no doubt tastes, delicious!

1. The Grosvenor Hotel
Grosvenor Hotel-breakfast image
Image courtesy of The Grosvenor Hotel

Within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, The Grosvenor Hotel will help you eat breakfast like a King! In fact, they will spoil you so much you might never not want to leave. Not that that’s a problem – as they serve the most incredible Eggs Benedict and Full English – right to your room. The Royal treatment is right.

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