Top 6 Swimming Tips

1. Drills. Include technique drills in your swimming sessions. See my example ‘Beginners Swim Session’, ‘Advanced Swim Session’ and ‘Swim Gear’ to find out more.

2. Challenging workouts. Learn how to hold good technique while going faster. Mix in some harder sessions with your technique sessions to improve your endurance, speed and speed endurance. See the example swim sessions for ideas.

3. Swimming Lessons. For those already swimming who have either reached a plateau in their training, or are wondering if they are training effectively, then video analysis/ screening sessions are available to help improve your technique and therefore maximise your performance. Simply find a pool or centre nearby that does them.

Alternatively, for those completely new to the sport and in need of guidance, book up a swim session in your local pool and give it a try. Once you have gained in confidence the rest will become much easier. Most importantly correct technique will reduce the risk of injury. Read the article ‘Common Shoulder Pathologies’ for more information.

4. Swim gear. Try to avoid wearing bikinis and fashion swim wear when completing a training session. What may be ok for a casual doggy paddle is not ok when looking to improve technique and speed. There are a few essential pieces of kit that you will need for swimming to assist with your drills and help you get more out of your sessions. Read my article ‘Swim Gear’ to find out more.

5. Warm up. Start every session with 200m plus warm up. This will get the blood flowing, the muscles warmed up and get your body used to being in the water. As with any other type of exercise you need to stay hydrated while swimming so although it may not feel like you need it you must drink plenty of water. Your core body temperature will rise as the activity increases and produces sweat as it does with other physical activity, it’s just not as apparent as you are already wet. Don’t be fooled!!

6. Swimming is a form of exercise that can be easily maintained on holiday too. You can transfer your sessions into the sea or lake. No gym necessary, therefore no excuses!!

Check out this link on the perfect freestyle technique;

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Hannah developed a passion for fitness from a very young age which led her to compete in a wide range of sports including netball and athletics, where she trained and competed for several years. She graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2009 with a Degree in Health, Exercise & Nutrition, during which she gained experience in the fitness testing of elite athletes including Cyclists and Triathletes.

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