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TV_ad_christmasEvery year many of us grab a tissue and shed a few tears over what we see on the television. What makes it interesting is that we are talking about TV adverts from well known high street brands! It seems the Christmas TV Ad competition is on! With Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers and John Lewis leading the way.

Over the past 30 years there have been some amazing adverts touching our hearts or making us laugh and smile. Obviously the marketeers always hoping for us to spend our money with them in exchange!

Here at WATC HQ we searched and found what we feel are the best adverts over the years to summarise the Holiday period. So for the 12 days of Christmas we bring you the 12 days of adverts!

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Sainsburys 2014

Sainsburys does it this year with their advert highlighting one of the most horrific times and presenting what was a moment of festive and peace during the First World War

John Lewis – 2014

Monty the Penguin. Many comments on Facebook and on Twitter on how this got to them. Penguins are now the new Meerkat and Monty the Penguin toys are reportedly being sold for over £130?

John Lewis – 2013

The Bear & the Hare.  With a number one single for Lilly Allen off of the back of this and a great cartoon depicting a simple scene brought many of our team to tears the first time seen.

 Cadbury’s – 2013

A world covered in Cadburys chocolate. This was Cadburys first official Christmas advert. Definitely one for the chocolate lovers.

Argos – 2010

Bing Crosby beat boxing? Need we say more. Fantastic advert bridging the generation gaps.

Irn Bru – 2008

Troubled times for the Snowman and his friend. Whenever did Irn Bru become so controversial?

OXO – 1984

The late great Lynda Bellingham. An advert which was part of a series of adverts still brings back nostalgic memories of the typical 80’s family.

Coca Cola – 2008

As stated in our team meeting, ‘ We always know its Christmas when the Coca Cola ad comes on the TV’ This from what we can see is the first version to hit our screens here in the UK

Yellow pages – 1992

A sweet boy and girl under the dreaded Mistletoe.  The boy could pass as a young Robbie Williams we think!

John Lewis – 2011

The first time we watched this we didn’t expect the ‘twist’ if only all of our children were like this!

John Lewis – 2012

John Lewis appear to be the masters of tugging the heart! Called the journey this was another tear jearker!

Coca Cola – Polar Bears

Eventually being made into a short film directed by Ridley Scott, these bears are so cute!

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