Top Female Entrepreneurs | Infographic

Entrepreneurship has traditionally been perceived as a venture where only men would succeed. However, the balance between leading male and female entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly neutral, even if it still has a way to go before being truly equal.

There is no shortage of case studies in terms of women who made it big in the business world. For example, Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood test company Theranos, is worth more than $10billion and was the youngest self-made billionaire on Forbes’ Top 400 list in 2014. Some of these highly successful female business owners also have a philanthropic nature – the Irish women who set up non-profit organization Foodcloud take unused food items from restaurants and redistribute them to people in need.

This infographic by Brighton School of Business and Management highlights some of the most successful female entrepreneurs on Earth, demonstrating that it isn’t just the male of the species who can strike it rich in the business world. It also explains that, for all of that female success, women still face some substantial hurdles in terms of access to resources and growth capital, while the majority of leadership roles continue to be handed to men.


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