Top five tips for CV writing

A good CV is still very much a key requirement when applying for a job. If you are serious about getting shortlisted for an interview, you need to make your CV stand out.
CV Writing
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Here are five top tips that you should consider if you are creating and new CV or updating an existing one:

Make it easy for the recruiter to read

Structure is important, so ensure that you use appropriate headings and sections to draw the attention of the reader to sections that you want to highlight.

Highlight relevant skills

Take some time to evaluate your key skills and ensure that you highlight these are at the top of your CV, by shining a light on your skills so you can easily paint an image of your key competencies.

Use appropriate key words

Make sure that you use key words that are relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a leadership position make sure you use words that highlight leadership skills. Also the use of keywords often helps CVs to be screened by computers.

Highlight key achievements

Spend some time thinking about your key achievements, when are you are at your best? What did you specially do and how was it a success, make sure you provide real examples and detail!

Use numbers to back up your statements

Employers always want to see numbers, if you can highlight your achievements numerically, this will show employers creditable results. For example write something like: “I managed to save my company £75,000 by implementing cost saving measures.”

These are five things that you can easily do to create a winning CV. Please remember that when employers first see your CV, they will pay little attention to the content, if the structure is not clear and the CV don’t flow it is unlikely that you progress to the next round.

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