Top of the Klass: the fashionista lighting up Paris

Roaming through the glamour pusses, slinky models and diva designers of Paris Fashion Week 2014, one face was almost impossible to avoid – Myleene Klass, who hosted CNN’s coverage of the week, took to the decks to DJ at exclusive shindigs and showed off her latest Top of the Klass range for the cameras, made herself the talk of the industry.

Who’d have thought that the former singer in reality show band Hear’Say would be a hit at the Paris Fashion Week just a decade after their split?

But her immense talent – she’s also a DJ for Classic FM, newspaper columnist, classical musician and television presenter – combined with her sharp sense of style has made her one of the most successful women in fashion.

Her latest Top of the Klass range, a killer collection of sleek maxi dresses, striking leopard print, full leather and floral patterns, combines everything that makes Klass such a striking presence, merging a sense of high-class and style with a complete lack of pretension.

A Style Ambassador for Littlewoods since 2012, Klass’s range does something that most designers at the Paris Fashion Week couldn’t manage – the finest designs at low prices.

Speaking about her latest range, Klass said, “The party season is when women can really go for it. Make a statement and feel good doing it. This collection is all about killer fabrics, strong shapes and full on glamour. I can’t wait to see women rocking my designs. I know they will feel incredible.”

Like Twiggy and Kate Moss before her, Klass has managed that rarest of things – she’s combined her clothing with her personality, making her the ideal model for her wide range of products.

So, what can we recommend from her range?

Blue Heavy Lace


Proof, if any more were needed, that Klass has a keen eye for the cutting edge of fashion, she’s imbued her tight-fitting blue lace pencil skirt and t-shirt with a vivid electric blue. Providing her with a subtle hourglass figure, it manages to be heavy on colours without being garish.

Black Maxi Dress


The edgiest of the collection is her black leather maxi dress. A tight, slinky number, it’s an ideal combination of a dark classical look, popular trends and Klass’s unique eye for detail.

The broad shoulder straps holding the dress in place have a curve to perfectly match the rest of the dresses’ tight fit, while the keyhole cut out adds some much-needed variation, without causing a “busy” look.

Sequined Maxi Dress


Another perfect example of sophistication and that hourglass figure, this time combined with a natty leopard print in this strapless maxi dress.

Keeping her figure svelte, it’s a sparkling dress guaranteed to catch any eyes. It’s easy to see why Klass was such a hot property in Paris.

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