Top Knot How To

Loved by celebs, the fashion world and pretty much everyone else…..The top knot is a fantastic style which is quick and easy to do. Work it day or evening to perfect an look!

Top Knot 1

Top Knot 2

 1. Positioning for the knot is crucial. Knots that sit atop the head lengthen and flatter the face, whereas on the crown is better for those with an oval face.

2. Top knots are easiest when created from a ponytail. Use a thickening spray along the hair line to build volume and blast with the hair in the direction it will sit with a hair dryer. Try the Ojon spray, its fab yet doesn’t leave the hair looking greasy.

Thickening Spray

3. Create the perfect ponytail base by gathering the hair with a brush and a tight grip! The best bands are by Trevor Sorbie and can be bought from Boots. I always advise to match the hair colour.

Hair Bands

4. The create the knot, twist the ponytail round into a cone and secure with hairpins. (Again these can be bought from Boots) Anchor the pins around the knot, weaving in and out of the hair and securing inwards towards the center.

5. Of course, finish with hairspray. Elnette cant be beaten!

Hair Spray

If the hair is just washed and flyaway, a thickening spray will tame it and ensure it sets well.

 A great variation to try is leaving a few hair ends unpinned to create a softer, less ‘done’ look. As seen at Aqua Di Lara S/S 2013 Top Knot 3

Another look which is currently really popular both at shows and with celebrities, is the larger than life top knot which used a doughnut (padding). These can be bought everywhere, I get mine from Claire’s Accessories. To do this the ponytail is fed through the center of the doughnut, and the top knot created around it. Giving the illusion of having a lot more hair!Top Knot 4

Doughnut Accessory

Happy Knotting!

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