Top ten tips for starting a business – By Claire Habel

Women’s Business Start-up & Personal Development Coach


1. Ensure that you are very clear about your motivations for wanting to start your own business; set clear personal objectives and be true to these.

2. Research – it sounds obvious but the more you can research around your market; customers, trends, competitors, suppliers, the quicker and more effective your launch to market will be.

3. Moving from working for someone else where systems are in place and you perhaps have a team around you, consider that things may move at a slower pace if it’s just going to be you working on your own – factor this into any timing plans your putting together. Lots of business owners become deflated when they realise that they have set unrealistic time targets.

4. If considering starting a business with someone else, no matter how good your relationship, make sure you agree on your objectives together and commit your proposed ways of working and responsibilities for paper. It might not be the most pleasant thing to do but also put a plan in place should everything no go as you both hope.

5. If you’re still in employment right now, try to set aside as much capital as you can before you take the leap as inevitably once you start, unless you have outside investment, you will come across lots of areas and opportunities that you want to invest in and this can be a big source of frustration whilst also slowing your growth, a good business plan will help you anticipate and allow for this.

6. How do you work best? Give good consideration to this and then make sure you don’t forget this once you start e.g. if you are a real ‘people person’ avoid isolating yourself in the house for days on end working away on your laptop.

7. Whatever your business, get out and grow your network and make sure you surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

8. Put in place a well-thought through marketing strategy, don’t just start with a tactical approach, it will only waste your time and money.

9. Starting and running is a huge personal journey and at challenging in so many ways (though of course there are also lots of upsides). Be aware of this before you start talk to other people who have done it and go into it with your eyes  open.

10. Don’t forget ‘you’ as the business owner keeping yourself at your optimum is going to be of utmost importance in the success of your business.

Get yourself a business coach or mentor  all of the most successful business owners will tell you that it’s a must-have if you are going to achieve your dream business!

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