Top tips and apps to save your time every day, and how to be more productive at work

By Digital Marketing Consultancy Your Brand Found

With workloads becoming increasingly big and job expectations higher, the days can often run away from you.

How to be more productive at workThe agony of feeling like you have failed to accomplish everything on your to-do list to a decent standard can leave even the most confident of people feeling both overwhelmed and undervalued.

There are only so many hours in a day and making the most of your time lies at the crux of working effectively, instead of scrambling to juggle dozens of niggling tasks. Rather than putting in longer hours, which is not conducive to striking a good work-life balance, take the time to deliberate how you manage your time and structure your day.

To achieve this, you should have an arsenal of hacks, strategies, and apps at your fingertips to help you work more smartly and efficiently.

The following selection of tips will leave you feeling more productive and motivated, and when combined, they deliver optimum results every time.

Define your business goals

It’s important to define your business goals and break down how you will achieve those goals as subtasks. Each subtask should contain a reason why you are doing such activity, what you want to achieve and a deadline. Once you create a list of your business tasks, keep it somewhere visible, where you can see it every day, reminding yourself your goals and mapping your journey.

Keeping your deadlines is essential. Without set deadlines, there is no point in creating your list of tasks. You need to be strict, of course, depending on its priority and how urgent certain tasks are you can delay completing them, but try to avoid this. And there is nothing more satisfying than ticking off a completed task.

Use clever Apps to save time

There are some great Apps that can help you be more productive. Evernote and Slack are a good example. Evernote is great when it comes to jotting down ideas and content when out and about. Ideas come to us anywhere, while travelling, relaxing or when in a meeting, so having a tool that we can use to store all our ideas is very handy. Slack will then help us to communicate our ideas with the team quickly and in organised channels.

Use project management tools like Asana or Trello to organise your work and manage it across the team. Both apps allow you to see a list of all tasks, who in your team is responsible for each task, and deadlines. You are then able to allow notifications to let you know when tasks have been completed. These apps are great in letting you manage your team and workload on the go.

Google Drive is great when it comes to managing documents and sharing with clients. Top Tip: Set a specific theme for each day of the week. For example, Monday ‘Get Ahead’ theme, Tuesday ‘Sales’ theme. Setting themes for each day will keep you focused on the goals of that day and will keep you in check when you’re working on non-prioritised activities.


Start thinking about automation. When used correctly, automation can help you reduce a lot of time. It’s yet another way we can cleverly save time. Allowing some automation tools to help you with your workload is clever, and probably the future of our work lives.

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