Top tips for coping with uncertainty

The Aquitude team and associates are all experienced in the signs of the times: redundancy, uncertainty, insolvency, bankruptcy and failure. These are words that were all once anathema in the world of business. Today, they are all part and parcel of day-today business.The Aquitude team has earned its stripes in dealing with loss, upheaval and abrupt change. And we are proud of it. Why? Well, when the dust settles and you can look back, you realize how much you have learnt about yourself during those difficult times. You realize that you have underestimated how strong you are. You realize you are a fighter, a creator, an achiever.So, we would invite you to take in what is happening around you and consider it an opportunity to take stock. Ask yourself:What is the worst thing that could happen if I did not… e.g have a job tomorrow / get the promotion I want / achieve my dream, etc?

If you are feeling the stress, it is likely your team is too. Allow your team members to vent; be there to help them. By bottling up emotions, we block our creative mind.”

Whilst in the first instance the pang of disappointment may seem to be great, what would happen after that? Most of the time it is our ego talking to us, and not reality.What would I do to redress, avoid or come out of, that situation? Women are natural survivors, and you know you can be creative…Who could help me through it all? Remember, your family is there for you, no matter what. Give them credit that they will understand and do anything to support you.Here are some survival tips we have tried and tested:

Spend a day doing what you love most: whether it is gardening, trekking, reading, allow your mind to wander aimlessly, opening your senses to what is around you.

Take time: An abrupt change is unsettling. It can also be an opportunity to re-evaluate. Consider: what is important for ME? What do I want in my life? You can still achieve your life’s aspiration or goal – this may be a chance to do it via a slightly different route

Reach out to the power of you existing network: contact business associates, clients, suppliers, colleagues in other businesses who can support you. Be honest about the predicament you may be facing and how they can be of assistance to you.

Be honest: keep your team and your business associates aware that difficult times may be approaching. Keep them involved, and they will give you 100%.

Be human: if you are feeling the stress, it is likely your team is too. Allow your team members to vent; be there to help them. By bottling up emotions, we “block” our creative mind. Give your team-members a space to unwind, take off and do what is important to them. It will pay dividends in terms of fresh thinking to solve business critical issues and energy.

Remember that failure, redundancy, bankruptcy are only words: our experience has been that others do not associate them with negative labels like we do…. They respect the fact that you may have suffered adversity of that level and have come back fighting again. Survival is always inspiring.

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