Top tips for Inspirational Problem Solving

For the last two months, we have all been watching the Stock Exchange tumble, recover, then tumble to greater depths.

Women should perhaps be included on the trading floor, and, as we would suggest, in all male-dominated professions.”

We are fascinated by an article in the New York Time we came across with stated that:

“If a research paper published earlier this year is correct, traders have become prisoners of their endocrine systems — testosterone, the elixir of male aggressiveness, during a bull market; cortisol, a steroid that helps the body deal with stress, when the bears take over.

The study suggests that raging hormones might explain why the men who rule the global markets send them rocketing up when they’re on a roll, and swooping down when they get scared, exhibiting judgment that can remind you of the guys in an Adam Sandler movie”

Aquitude fans will recall our passion in understanding how our brain differentiates the average responses between men and women in situations. What this article re-affirms, and concludes, is that women should perhaps be included on the trading floor, and, as we would suggest, in all male-dominated professions. The logic for this is simple: the more gender (and cultural) diversity, the better a team becomes at finding innovative and sustainable solutions.

So, we thought that it may be useful to consider how to draw on our naturally calm dispositions by looking at the most important elements of you life, which, tend to have a calming effect on our lives and thus allow to engage in what we call inspirational problem solving. This is a way for solving problems by allowing our brain to create new connections through new, or different experiences. So we invite you to consider:

Is there some part of you life that you would like to pay more attention to? Perhaps draw in as a source of inspiration through these times of uncertainty?
Reaching out to special interest groups or starting a new hobby are great ways of tapping into new thinking processes, as well as calming any insecurities around what we are faced with.

Create a framework: be clear and realistic on what you would like to achieve with e.g. your new assignment or your new hobby; write down your level of commitment and visualise your outcome once you have achieved your goal.

Identify the number of stakeholders who support you in both your business and personal life: recognise that these individuals are supporting you because they see something powerful in you. They believe you can do the job, or be the best mother/wife possible, or a fabulous business partner. Take satisfaction in their belief, and perhaps consider how you can reward them (even more) for their support.

Is there a way that you can improve other people’s lives with your project or even your new business?
Women, on average, tend to have a great level of altruism and “giving back or contributing” to society is an empowering incentive. One of our coachees incorporated supporting a charitable cause as part of her work in an insurance company. How can you incorporate your charity of choice to your project or hobby?

What would you do if you were made redundant or your project failed?
Experiment with these thoughts in a non-alarmist way, to seek out the true impact of negative experiences. As women, we have had to fight for centuries and restore society when things were bad (during every conflict, it is women who have had to fight to restore normality when men had eclipsed)….

Our daily lives sometimes do take over, and we can be swamped in today’s negative emotions. We can tap into our natural altruism and holistic view to create our own, and by implication, our business’ survival strategy by tapping into inspirational problem solving.

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