Tory MP ridicules the ‘shrill equal pay brigade’ in gender pay gap speech


A Conservative MP has ridiculed gender equality campaigners, calling them the “shrill equal pay brigade”, in a speech about the gender pay gap.

Speaking at the House of Commons, Karl McCartney argued that those working towards equal pay and gender equality were ignoring statistics.

McCartney suggested that, despite being in support of equal pay, men were sometimes the group that were paid unequally.

Addressing MPs in Parliament, McCartney said, “According to the Office of National Statistics men in full-time or part-time work under 29 years of age are paid less per hour on average as similarly aged women.”

“This remarkable transition flies in the face of the shrill equal pay brigade who while proclaiming the need for equality seem to quietly gloss over this fact when shouting from the rooftops with regard to equal pay.”

Continuing McCartney also suggested that men should celebrate the traditional roles that they were “born to do”. He also implied that boys needed to be told “it is okay to be masculine” and like things such as cars, sports and “getting your hands dirty.”

He said, “Boys need outlets for their creativity, energy and natural instincts.”

“They need to know it is okay to be masculine, and that masculinity is the equal of femininity. It is a positive thing to like cars, engines, building sites, getting your hands dirty and playing sport.”

“It is also a positive thing to like dancing, painting, sculpture, acting and writing plays, but we must not shy away, at any level, from celebrating what traditional male or masculine roles are; they are what we as males were born to do.”

“It may also surprise some ladies that some males can multitask. Some of us can cook, wash, sew and manipulate a Dyson without instruction and make a damn good job of it.”

The MP has since faced a backlash on social media, including tweets from Labour MP Jess Phillips who said that she was getting a shirt with his comments on it. McCartney then replied saying that Phillips should highlight her favourite parts in pink.

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