Transgender soldier is Britain’s first female soldier to serve on the frontline

A transgender soldier is set to become Britain’s first female soldier to serve on the frontline.

Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

Chloe Allen, 24, who joined the army in 2012 as Ben Allen, has made the decision to transition from male to female after being caught wearing women’s clothes.

The Scot’s Guard soldier has since spoken out about her journey, being born a boy and wanting to “inspire people to just come out and be themselves.”

Speaking to the Sun, Allen said, “it’s a great honour to be able to make history and at the same time do my job. It’s just brilliant, I’m just looked at as a normal person.”

“I’d love to inspire people to just come out and be themselves.”

“As much as it’s a big bad world, it’s not as bad as people think and it’s easier when you’ve got your mates and your bosses behind you.”

“I didn’t set out to make history, it’s just the way it’s happened.”

“There’s nothing that can stop me at all, this is not just a job, this is a career for me.”

She went on to say how supportive her colleagues and friends have been about her decision. She said, “I went down to muster parade in the morning for PT and it was mainly just banter, just having a laugh.”

“The whole sort of worry that I had, I shouldn’t have even worried. The entire battalion’s been brilliant.”

It wasn’t until July this year that the historical rules banning women from serving in ‘ground close combat units’ were lifted. David Cameron, the Prime Minister at the time, accepted the proposal that women should be able to serve on the frontline.

General Sir James Everard, Commander of the Field Army, said, “I am delighted to have our first woman serving in a ground close combat unit.”

“The British Army is really proving itself as an inclusive organisation where everyone is welcome and can thrive.”

“Being the first of anything takes courage. I applaud Guardsman Chloe Allen for being a trendsetter and wish her every success.”

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