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Do you love social media? Do you love to travel? If so, then this post is written just for you. I live to travel but I also seem to spend half my life on a plethora of social media channels, for both work and pleasure. We are all busy people, with flights to catch, speeches to make, businesses to run.

Hotels are finally starting to realise this and are actually rewarding people like us, rewarding our high Klout scores, encouraging our social media interactions and most importantly offering us much-deserved discounts and benefits. Some have even gone as far to allowing us to book via Twitter. Sound blissful.

Below I have found 5 of the best hotels to follow on Social Media, giving you access to exclusive deals, the chance to win a free night’s stay or simply hotels that promise to add value to your trip if you engage with them online. Happy travels!

5) Sol Wave House Majorca

Sol Wave House Majorca - Social Media

The Sol Wave House Majorca has been christened the world’s first “twitter hotel”. Guests can check in through the hotels designated twitter app, socialize with other guests through twitter and even order room service and taxis using specific hotel hashtags.

The hotel’s design consists of a blue and white social media style theme which can be seen throughout the hotel from the lobby to the bedrooms and even the pool area.

Each Friday there is a pool party in the hotel where guests and followers can win tickets, prizes and free drinks by following #TwitterPoolParty on Twitter.

4) The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Food Truck

The Four Seasons has really become the prominent figure in the social media space for luxury hotels. The hotel chain takes advantage of multiple social platforms like Facebook (220,000 fans) and Twitter (185,000 followers), as well as other platforms like blogs and its new online magazine.

What sets The Four Seasons apart on social media is their ability to consistently coming up with creative and clever social media campaigns that resonate with their followers.

One of their most successful campaigns was the creation of their own personalized Four Seasons’ food truck known as the “FS Food Truck“. With over eight destinations, three states and more than 1,000 miles to cover, the food truck set out as a mobile stage for the brand’s culinary talent to connect with their local communities.

The Four Seasons’ social media community had the opportunity to win free food, gift certificates and free hotel nights and the campaign was extremely well received all over the US.

3) The MGM Grand – Las Vegas

The MGM Grand - Las Vegas - Social Media

I can talk about this hotel from personal experience. I travelled to Las Vegas last summer and the combination of a stellar hotel room price and what seemed like an endless amount of activities within the hotel made the MGM grand a no brainer.

What I really like about the MGM grand’s social media presence is their ability to capture the exciting Las Vegas atmosphere through images and video. Be it a picture of their exotic cuisine or an exciting upcoming event, guest are always kept in the loop with all of what the hotel has to offer via social media.

The MGM Grand also provide guests with an interactive concierge app which is a great resource for exploring both the Hotel and any events taking place in Las Vegas. The app features an interactive map of the property, information on live shows, a room service booking system and a live twitter stream rewarding users for posting creative pictures and videos of their stay.

2) Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels - Social Media

The Marriott’s social media channels are filled with stylish photos of lavish hotel rooms, picturesque destinations and alluring foods from around the globe. Instead of filling their followers news feed with sales pitches and promotions, the Marriott looks to wow and inspire followers with a balance of stunning photography and light-hearted promotional techniques.

One of the Marriott’s’ marketing campaigns that has gained a lot of traction in the social media stratosphere is their “Travel Brilliantly” campaign which set out to gather ideas from travellers around the world and see what they would like to change about their travel experience. The hotel chain really listens to their followers and took a lot of their idea son board.

The Marriott also look to reward their social media followers though their new social loyalty system called ‘PlusPoints’. Social media followers can instantly collect points through liking, tweeting, posting and checking-in on social media which reserves a monthly allowance of up to 2,000 points for members who advocate the hotel. These points can then be traded in for a variety of gift vouchers.

1) The Hamilton Hotel – Australia

The Hamilton Hotel – Australia - Social Media

Hamilton Island (and hotel…there’s only the one!) is famous for creating ‘The Best Job in The World’ a few years ago which involved a hugely successful online campaign that went viral around the world, receiving over 35,000 applications and was eventually won by Englishman Ben Southall.

The hotel has also led the charge on the ever increasing instagram trend. The Hotel, which is known for its tropical scenery and heavenly beaches, uses social media to unveil this to the world. In 2012, they played host to the ultimate InstaMeet competition.

25 high-profile “instagramers” from around the world were chosen for the Instameet, and these participants went on to post photographs via the Instagram system to their hundreds of thousands of followers. The event increased the resort’s Instagram followers from 269 to 9,028 and boosted its Facebook fan page followers from 18,478 to 22,791. The island now has over 60,000 Instagram followers, of which I am one!

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