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Resident WiseGirl – Mandy Le-Fontaine, recently shared her 10 strong rules on dating. Check these out and let us know if you’ve had any success or used these tips in the past!! We would love to hear from you!

Rule No 1: Always let him make the first move.

Chuck out the girl power placard. Men are hunters so if you chase, you will loose. A bit Victorian? Yes, but you’ll thank me later.

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Just think about it. If he cancels out on you, he’s most likely not that keen. Dairies can be moved around and you should be first priority, not his work or other last minute engagements. Move on as quickly as possible because you deserve better.

Rule No 3: Accept dates only by phone calls, not texts or emails.

Scrap the techno times theme and the belief that it is OK for a guy to ask for a date by texting you. It’s just rude and uncaring. If he appreciates the airtime that he is going to get with you, then he should take time to call you for a date.

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Rule No 4: Allow him to check in on date night first.

It’s a guy’s job to call you on the morning of your date to confirm your upcoming special together time. If he hasn’t checked in at least four hours before date time, please just assume the date is off. But then be sure to let him know this, in your own sweet way. Indifference towards you is not an option. And oh, don’t forget Rule No 2.

Rule No 5: Allow him to pay for the first date, the next and the one after that too

Men invest in something they believe in and value. If he’s really into you, he’s keen to show off that he can provide for you so please do allow him the pleasure to do so. By the way, research proves that this is the case.

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Rule No 6: Keep your dates short and sweet.

Keep dates short, sweet and together. Anything beyond three hours on your first date is really an overkill, really. You want to hold something back at this stage. Be mysterious… let him think, ‘there’s something about her that I really want to take my time to find out’

Rule No 7: Never propose a second date after the first.

It’s really his place to propose a second date. Proposing date No 2 screams, “I’m Desperate, Take me Now!”

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Rule No 8: Never see a new date more than once a week.

Pace yourself because he’s  not going anywhere. You obsessing about seeing him more than once in a week is going to make you crash fast. Let him miss you.

Rule No 9: No sex in the first 100 dating days

Definitely no sex on the first date, and not during the qualifying period (the first 100 days) either. Keeping off sex in the first 100 days helps you to maintain your focus on the most important things.

Rule No 10: Spread your net, far and wide

Date more than one guy at a time. Spreading your energy around stops you from obsessing too much about one guy. Of course, one needs to narrow their  focus down as the guy reconfirms over and over again that he truly deserves your time for the rest of your lives

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Mandy’s article was first shared on HereistheCity… http://hereisthecity.com/2012/10/07/girls-turn-your-dating-life-around/

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