Teresa HillsNow it can go one of two ways but I think that you might agree that hitting 40 is a big experience!!  For me it happened overnight; one day I was thriving in my “flirty 30’s” and then suddenly bang the day arrived.  I had been dreading it for months; all of your friends tell you that it is fine and that you won’t feel any different but let me tell you something they most definitely lie.  Fact is you wake up and feel like you have been run over by a rather large bus; it happens so suddenly that there is no gradual approach it is just there the moment you open your eyes on your 40th birthday.

I remember the day so clearly.  I had been telling my “current husband” (I use this term to keep him on his toes!) That I didn’t want a fuss, no big parties just a small doo to celebrate in style but quietly.  What this really meant was that I wanted large drunken party, lots of tinsel, balloons and sparkles’ and loads of friends shouting surprise as I walked into the room….. What did I get…..? A quiet meal in a restaurant with a couple of friends and no surprise because he didn’t think to hide the bank statements from me when he paid the deposit on our joint credit card!

Now let’s move swiftly on to the birthday present, you would think that being a significant milestone that the present would be just as significant, well this one was definitely one I wouldn’t forget ever; and one that I most definitely wouldn’t talk about to anyone but my best friend and even for this I had to drink 2 bottles of chardonnay for Dutch courage.

I remember my husband had been looking excited for days and there had been lots of secretive phone calls and whispering in corners, I thought to myself this was great, by then I knew that the party wasn’t a party but I could forgive him if the present was a big one, in fact maybe that’s why he didn’t throw a big party he had spent all of his money on my present which was much more important, I was thinking private number plate, sports car, diamonds, jewellery, weekend in Paris what I didn’t think was colonic irrigation!!!!  Yes you heard me right it colonic irrigation.  Apparently I had mentioned while watching one of those informative programmes on BBC1 that I wouldn’t mind having one; funny I don’t remember mentioning that I wanted it for my 40th birthday!! Can you imagine what it was like when everyone kept asking me what he had bought me, what could I say?

As Bridget would say – note to oneself…..

Organise your own birthday party make it big bold and rowdy – one that you will never forget.  Do this on the day before you turn 40 then when you wake and feel like you have been run over there is a good excuse!

Don’t ever mention in passing that you might like one of those unless it is a large diamond, a new car or something just as expensive!

Author Bio

I am 45 years old and the mother of 3 rather complicated teenagers, Haydn, James and Hannah!

I have a fantastic husband and a rather neurotic rescue dog called Tom who should have been called Shadow as he is never more than 2 feet away from me.  I run my own business, a pre loved or as some may know it as a “gently used” ladies clothing shop in the old market town of Royston, Hertfordshire.  www.dejavu-clothing.co.uk

I have a fantastic “best friend”, Karen who listens to me drivel on when things are getting tough with the kids or work.

I am extremely sensitive, cry at almost anything, I love a challenge but unfortunately I am a perfectionist with very high standards which often complicates my life considerably. (Oh I have just been reminded to tell you that this often complicates my husband’s life too!)

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