Twenty-three years a PR?

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Do you ever go back in time and think about your PR plan?

To be honest, I didn’t ever have a plan so it’s not something I can do, but I have friends with a dream they followed and fulfilled.

I studied history of art at university, went onto teach English in Tokyo after graduating and touched down in London still without a clue of what I wanted to do.

My career kind of found me when I took on a role as a team assistant in a London PR agency. I dabbled with press release and faxes but was made redundant, not something you expect at 23. However, all was not lost as there were bigger jobs waiting for me in IT and charities, but it was my breakthrough role at Discovery Channel that really showed me that my future was in PR. This was amazing EMEA job, one with travel, celebrities, budgets and fun. I took all this experience with me to Earthwatch, before landing a totally top job as the PR Manager for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and TCM across Europe the Middle East and Africa.

I pretty much lived my late 20s out of a suitcase, flying in and out of Amsterdam, Budapest and Moscow on a regular basis and managing 12 PR agencies around the world., coffee and adrenaline fuelling my lifestyle. With a fantastic team, TVs on our desks and Carnaby Street just over the road, I had the time of my life working here. Long hours, yes. Politics, maybe. Stress levels were off the scale at times, but if I could go back, I would, but as a mum of two, living in Devon with my husband and our dog, that wouldn’t work on many levels.

As I sat on the beach this morning it dawned on me that it’s 23 years since I wrote my first CV and entered the world of PR.

A world that is about reputation, relationships and communicating.

It’s a world I love and one that’s in my blood.

Yes, things have changed with the internet and social media but a press release is still a press release, a media interview still needs planning and while contacts come and go, you still need them and they need you.

The landscape has changed and as professionals we have to be more creative with our approach as more and more magazines and papers close down, but it can be done and the results can be exceptional.

If you want to get you and your brand out there and in front of the right audience, PR is a brilliant way to do it and I can help you get it right.

I am pretty sure that if you are reading this, then you have an interest in PR and what it could do for you.

Maybe you work in a corporate organisation and sit in on marketing and PR meetings and want to be part of the conversation.

It could be you have a side hustle and are considering the best way of cutting through the noise and getting your message heard?

Maybe you are doing for yourself and would really love to be able to harness the power of PR and allow it to take you forwards?

This is all possible and I am really looking forward to being your PR ninja and helping you get a better idea of what PR is all about and how it could help you.

In the simplest of terms, and something I talk about my book PR School, Your Time to Shine, PR is a Personal Recommendation. It is what someone else is say about you.

If Grazia loves your dresses because of the organic cotton fabric and on-trend leopard print design, people will be all over your website and you may sell out of stock, fast. Put a small ad in each of those publications, and not only will your budget be gone in seconds, but I doubt that you will get the same return or interest.

PR includes a broad range of areas, including corporate, investor, internal and crisis communications, social media management and community relations, as well as media relations.

Media relations are all about building relationships with the press, so that they answer your emails, take your calls, come to your events, review your products and then tell your story to their readers.

Over the coming months, I am looking forward to introducing your to the world of PR and helping you to use to grow and shine and I hope you are ready because it is going to be one amazing journey.

About the author

Natalie is a PR Director based in Devon and brings reader of WeAreTheCity a wealth of experience, creativity, and ideas to inspire and help them on their PR journeys.

From CEOs of international TV channels and the finance directors of IT companies to entrepreneurs at the forefront of their industry and ambitious start-ups, Natalie has worked with them all and many more.

Today, as well as premium one to one retained clients, via PR School, Natalie teaches people the fundamentals of PR and gives them the skills and confidence to go out and talk to the press. With her ideas, contacts and cheerleading approach, women all over the world are going out there and securing the column inches and airwaves that will help them to stand out from the crowd, and shine.

Cast Life – A Parent’s Guide to DDH, was Natalie’s first book and sits alongside her charity, DDH UK which supports thousands of people around the world. December 2019 will see the launch of ‘PR School – Your Time to Shine’ her second book and one which promises to take readers from zero to hero so they can do their own PR and feel as if they have Natalie sitting alongside them.

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