Two-thirds of mums say they lack maths confidence

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Two-thirds of mums say they lack maths confidence, with half worried about the impact of coronavirus on their children’s maths progress.

According to new research from Numerise, mums are suffering from a lack of maths confidence, are anxious about helping their children with maths learning, and worried about the impact of lockdown on their children’s maths learning.

The research also found that despite mums being most likely to help their children with maths homewor, two-fifths said they felt anxious doing so due to a lack of confidence in the subject.

The survey of 2,000 mothers and female carers with children aged 11-16 years old sought to uncover how mums feel about maths and their views on how lockdown is affecting their children’s maths confidence and progress this school year. This initial research focused on mums’ attitudes given that studies show three quarters of mums report taking the lead in home learning.

40 per cent of mums reported that low maths confidence impacts their ability to help their children with their maths learning. Worryingly, low maths confidence leaves a third of mums dreading doing maths in everyday life and a quarter pretend to know more about maths than they really do.

Similarly, 40 per cent reported that their child suffers from low maths confidence, with a third of children expressing anxiety about maths to their parents. Concerns about maths can lead to tension at home and a quarter of mums say that maths homework causes tensions, with a fifth saying that it even leads to arguments.

In response to mums’ concerns about low maths confidence, Numerise has launched The Confidence Lab, a hub of information and inspiration to help children and their grown-ups to build maths confidence.

Its launch is supported by television presenter, ex-CBBC presenter and mum of two, Angellica Bell. Speaking about the initiative, Bell said, It is so important as a parent to feel confident about maths.”

“That doesn’t mean you need to know all the answers all the time, it’s about showing your children that difficult things can be overcome with practice and patience.”

“If you lack maths confidence and shy away from it, those anxieties might influence your children; it can be a vicious cycle.”

“I think it’s important that my children feel confident about maths, because it will help them so much in their later life.”

“That’s why I am so supportive of Numerise’s message, that when it comes to maths learning, confidence, practice and a little patience can make a world of difference.”

Numerise is an online, home-learning maths platform that engages, motivates and supports children and young people to build the skills and confidence they need to reach their maths potential. Built on a decade of research and evidence, Numerise is for 10 to 16-year old’s covering Key Stage 3 through to GCSE Maths and delivers personalised maths practice to each learner.

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