Two-thirds of working parents feel worn out by work

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Two-thirds of working parents feel worn out by work and the environment in which they work in, according to a new report.

The research, conducted by Talking Talent to coincides with Men’s Health Week, found that more working dads felt worn out compared to working mums and those without children.

The report found that 72 per cent of working dads felt worn out by the environment in which they work, compared to 51 per cent of those men without children. This is also comparable with working mums, with 62 per cent saying they felt worn out, compared to 46 per cent of women without children.

Over half of working parents admitted they become irritable or impatient with their colleagues, clients or family members, compared to just 38 per cent for workers who don’t have children.

The study also found that 41 per cent of working parents said they don’t have enough energy for their family, friends or other activities after work; while 57 per cent believe they are not being good enough parents or partners.

Alongside feeling burnt out, more working dads worried that their job is hardening them emotionally, compared to working mums. Of working dads, 57 per cent felt that they were emotionally hardened, compared to 42 per cent of working mums and 34 per cent of men without children.

Speaking about the research, Talking Talent Coach Director, Rob Bravo said, “Organisations need to take action to support the wellbeing of their people.”

“This research shows how the risk of burnout is real.”

“The challenge of helping employees understand better how to manage their own wellbeing is part of protecting an organisation’s greatest asset – its people.”

“If left unexamined, wellbeing issues will reverse positive trends in diversity and inclusion aimed at improving organisational performance.”

You can download the full report here.


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