Tyra Banks: “Don’t let anything personal get in the way of your career goals”

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks gave an inspiring keynote speech on business at Galore Media’s first female empowerment-focused Girl Cult festival.

The supermodel took to the Fonda Theatre stage to discuss female empowerment, overcoming obstacles in business and being a prominent BAME woman in the industry.

She began doling out business advice to the crowd, telling girls in the audience to lead any business concept with the ‘why’, rather than the ‘what’.

“Everything in life leads with the why…sometimes when we’re only focusing on the ‘what’, then it never happens.”

Banks explained the importance of utilising social media and making your brand stand out from the rest. She said this could be achieved by ‘finding a unique niche that hasn’t been done before’.

“Make sure you don’t just do something once, but over and over and over again, because that creates a brand.”

“You need something that stands out as different. You need to find that white space.”

Her other recommendations included “working for people you want to be like” and making sure you get the meetings with important clients by reaching out to them with flattering, cold-call emails using just a few sentences.

Banks also attributes to her success compartmentalising work and personal:

“I wipe my tears and keep it moving,” she said. “When things are holding me down or making me sad, I try to keep them in little packages over here, so they don’t affect my work, and go back later. “

“My work is king (or queen!). I don’t let things get in the way of career and goals.”

Continued Banks:

“I didn’t turn into a business woman overnight. I was Jedi mind-tricking and strategizing on how to be a supermodel.”

“Being a black model, I didn’t have half the covers that the white girls had, but I took it very seriously.”

“My mom got me an accountant and a money manager. This is a fashion business, not fashion fun time.”

“If you want to be a business person, you need to go to the party, get the Instagram pictures you need to get, and take your ass home and go to sleep, so you can be awake in the morning to work.”

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