A third of UK employees still have 10 days of annual leave left

annual leave
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New research has revealed that UK employees are not taking all of their annual leave, with a third still having 10 days to take by 2018.

According to a recent survey by Jurys Inn, the average worker in Britain still has six days to use up before the end of the year.

1000 UK employees were surveyed for the study, which found that if left unused, a huge 134 million days of leave would collectively go to waste.

34 per cent of respondents claimed they hadn’t used their holidays days because they were unsure on how to spend them, whilst being too busy to take them was the second most popular reason.

Others (10 per cent) were reluctant to book off their annual leave because they had no one at work to cover them, whilst others had a fear of accumulating too many emails or a doubled workload.

11 per cent of optimistic employees decided to save up their holiday days until the end of the year, so they could book a holiday.

A further 11 per cent said they simply didn’t have enough money to spend on holidays.

In a separate study by flight comparison site Jetcost.co.uk, participants stated they missed out on annual leave that they could have used on special occasions.

70 per cent admitted to working on their birthday, 41 per cent said they had missed a close family member’s birthday and 13 per cent of those surveyed had worked over the Christmas period.

Jetcost.co.uk surveyed 2,011 Britons for the research, all over 18 and in full-time employment for over a year.

A spokesperson for Jetcost commented: “It’s easy to let work commitments and stress take over and before you know it you’ve forgotten that there is more to life, however it is important to take the time off that you’re entitled to.

“Not only is it good for your home life and wellbeing, but it also makes you more productive too…You will also never be able to get that time back making memories with loved ones.”

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