Use Candles for a Beautiful and Relaxing Home Decor

candlesCandles are great way to add atmosphere to any room. Candles give sparkle and offer a relaxing tone. Candles have calming effect, so they can help us release stress after a busy day.

Besides the relaxing effect, candles give a statement to a room. You can set them on coffee tables, consoles or bedside tables. Ensure the candles fit your room decorative style. Candles size should match the interior design to make a statement.

If you have large furniture, use large candleholders and if you live in a small accommodation, use small tea-light holders. You can get silver or gold stands for tall candles. Also the candles colours should fit into your interior colour scheme. Use candles to add burst of colour to your space. Mix and match the candles colours depending on the season.

Author Bio

Lisiane Ndong is the owner of Nkiha (formerly Lilie Design), which is a lifestyle brand offering handmade accessories and gifts. She is an entrepreneur who loves working in interior design and fashion. Having worked in the field of marketing in London for 4 years, Lisiane decided to pursue her passion for design by creating her own company. She is also passionate about personnel development, coaching and wellbeing.

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