Use high-powered lunches to support your high powered days! By Celynn Erasmus RD (SA)

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Normal eating schedules seem to have become harder and harder to maintain with our 24/7 lifestyles. Many of us may have unwittingly fallen into the pattern of missing meals in the day and then overcompensating with large evening meals and late night nibbling. Instead of missing meals, why not think about having a more substantial meal at midday, instead of very late in the evening?

Why is this a good idea? Eating a more balanced midday meal may help you avoid cravings and over eating later in the day. It will help you to concentrate better too.

Clearly, the idea is not to have such a large lunch that you need to arrange for a siesta! The perfect lunch is one that leaves you feeling satisfied and energetic enough to have a productive afternoon.

Eating a balanced lunch while you are eating on the run may be easier than you think.  Use this practical suggestion to help you eat balanced meals whether you are in a restaurant, on the run or working at the office.  Always consider the balanced meal on a plate and keep to these proportions, no matter where you are eating.

Putting together a balanced meal:

Step 1. Half fill your plate (two fistfuls) with lots of colour in the form of salad or vegetables.

Step 2. Add one fistful of starch. Ideally one that is low GI or high in fibre such as fresh fruit, seed loaf bread, beans, rice or sweet potatoes.

Step 3. Add one portion or the size of the palm of your hand of low fat or lean protein such as yoghurt, cheese, fish, seafood, chicken, egg or lean red meat.

Step 4. A small portion of a healthy fat such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olives or nut butter. Alternatively, a small amount of good quality oil could be used in the meal preparation or as a dressing.

Make your power lunch count:
  • Book out time to eat lunch even if it is just 15 minutes. You may not think you have the time but your body (and mind) will be more productive the rest of the day.
  • If possible, schedule meetings between meals, rather than at meal times. This will make it easier to eat smaller portions of the right stuff.
  • If you don’t have time or ability to eat a meal on a plate as such, have some ready-to-go items such as fresh or dried fruit, biltong, boiled eggs, protein shakes or low GI cereal. Try to choose one small portion from each of the steps mentioned above.
  • If possible, leave your desk and disengage from your work. Eating over your desk is not only bad for the keyboard but you may eat too fast and too much!
  • As you digest your lunch, digest your thoughts too. Think about what has happened in the morning and allow your thoughts to settle. Plan for what is coming up for the rest of the day.

By eating a balanced lunch with the objective to eat lighter in the evening, you will reap the rewards of possible weight loss, better energy and improved health!

_DMC0216.JPGAuthor Bio:

Celynn is a registered dietitian and although still occasionally consulting as a private practicing dietician, today she is regarded as a full time professional speaker and writer. Celynn is a regular media columnist, founder and developer of the WELLCULATORTM and has published a BESTSELLER book with Tafelberg entitled Fast Food For Sustained Energy. Celynn speaks enhancing your performance by managing fatigue and boosting energy levels. As a professional speaker, Celynn energizes local as well as international audiences and runs workshops in the UK. She is also a Yorkshire terrier, mosaic art and trail runner enthusiast!

Connect with Celynn:

  • Facebook: wellnessprofessional
  • Linkedin: Celynn Erasmus
  • Youtube: Celynn Erasmus
  • Twitter: @Celynn


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